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SMART Tag Information

What is the SMART Tag system?

SMART Tag is a system designed to improve the safety and security of students who utilize school bus transportation. It provides live monitoring of where and when students load onto and unload off of their school bus to keep transportation, school administrators and parents informed.

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When is the District implementing the SMART Tag system?

Lamar CISD is implementing the SMART Tag system for students beginning the 2020-2021 school year.  The system will be implemented in phases, beginning first with transportation, then campuses and finally with parent access. The phased rollout will be used to ensure quality of data.

Who will SMART Tags be distributed to?

All Lamar CISD students will be receiving a SMART Tag, even those who are not bus riders. The barcode on the SMART Tags integrates with other Lamar CISD systems. In addition to using SMART Tags to scan when they get on or off of a bus, students can also use them in the cafeteria and to check out books in the library.

When will students receive their SMART Tag badges?

All Lamar CISD elementary students will be receiving a SMART Tag badge, a plastic sleeve and a lanyard at their campus drive thru supplies pick up the week of Aug. 17. Secondary students may receive their cards on the first day of school. The initial card is provided at no cost. Replacement cards will need to be purchased at a cost of $5.

How does the SMART Tag work?

The SMART Tag uses an RFID chip inside the card. When a student gets on or off a bus, they present their card to the RFID reader installed on all Lamar CISD school buses. The RFID technology only requires that the student place the card near the reader, it does not have to be inserted into the reader. The SMART Tag tablet confirms if the student is on the right bus, and when the student attempts to get off at a stop, they scan their card ensuring it’s the right stop.

Information gathered by the driver tablets is shared in real-time using secured cloud technology. The barcode printed on the card is used only by applications on campus.

What features does SMART Tag have for parents?

Once the District has piloted the system with students, parents will have access to the SMART Tag Parent Portal to help keep them informed when their children ride the bus. Parents can also turn on SMART Alerts to receive a text message when the bus will arrive at their child’s stop in the morning and afternoon.

Additionally, parents can view the riding history of their child and can opt in to see a live map of their student’s bus when it’s on the way to pick them up and while they’re on the bus.

For more information on the SMART Tag system, click here.