Henva B. Medlow, Director
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Leadership Development Department

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The mission of Leadership Development is to systematically identify, develop, place and support leaders through pathways that focus on leadership practices and promote continuous growth so that all of our schools can provide students with a superior education.

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Effective leadership impacts student achievement and is a key component to building and maintaining successful schools. It is for this reason that Leadership Development is committed to providing leaders with opportunities for professional development and continuous growth through our Leadership Institute:

Leadership Institute

Created by input from staff across the District, Lamar CISD’s Leadership Definition identifies the top qualities of a student-centered leader with a Passion for People, a Plan for Success and a Drive for Results.

A shared and aligned definition of leadership leads to higher staff engagement and retention, a more positive school culture and climate, and improved student outcomes. The Leadership Definition also includes headlines under each of the three categories to futher describe what a strong leader looks like in Lamar CISD:

Leadership Framework

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