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Executive Director of CTE and Career Readiness
Kayse Lazar, Ed.D

Admin. Asst. to Director of CTE
Becky Guntle

CTE Coordinator
Pam Fyke

CTE Courses

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Animal Science courses


Applied Agricultural Engineering courses


  Practicum in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources:  Applied Agricultural Engineering


Plant Science courses

   Advanced Floral Design

    Practicum in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources:  Floral Design


Architecture & Construction


Construction Trades courses


Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications

Audio/Video courses


Business, Marketing & Finance

Business Management courses

      Business Management


Marketing & Sales courses

    Retail Management


Education & Training

Education & Training courses


Health Science

Health Science courses

  Practicum in Health Science – Pharmacology

  Practicum in Health Science – General

  Practicum in Health Science – Patient Care Technician

  Dental Anatomy and Physiology

  Dental Equipment and Procedures

  Practicum in Health Science – Dental


Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality courses


Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Law courses



Manufacturing courses – Dual Courses


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics – STEM

STEM courses


Programming and Software Development

Computer Science courses

  Fundamentals of Computer Science

  Independent Study in Technology Applications

  Computer Science I

  Computer Science II

  Computer Science III


Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Transportation courses


Additional CTE Elective Courses


Junior High Courses

    Career Investigation

Agriculture courses

Construction courses

    Principles of Construction

Business courses

Family Consumer Science courses

      Principles of Education and Training

Health Science courses

    Principles of Health Science

STEM courses

    Fundamentals of Computer Science