Advanced Studies

Mission Statement

To provide advanced learners with the appropriate classroom instruction and services to fulfill their highest potential.


The philosophy regarding advanced learners in LCISD, including the faculties, staffs, and board is that:

  • Every student deserves the opportunity to advance academically as far as his/her ability, motivation, and effort can take him/her.
  • Access to the opportunities as stated above is guaranteed to every student, regardless of gender, ethnicity, economic position, language proficiency, or disability.

In accordance with this philosophy, the Gifted and Talented Program exists to seek, identify, and provide advanced learners with the appropriate classroom instruction and services to fulfill their highest potential. Students identified as gifted and talented require modifications in instructional strategies, content, and development of skills and/or products beyond that required in a general education setting. Their intellectual, social, emotional, and other exceptional talents and abilities can qualify them for community, state, national, and international leadership positions in many intellectual and/or artistic endeavors, and these will be nurtured and developed in LCISD.

Definition of Gifted and Talented

A gifted and talented student performs at or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and

  1. exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual area or
  2. excels in a specific academic field.

The Program

All students identified and placed in the LCISD Gifted and Talented Program will be

  • Provided differentiated instruction in the foundation curricular areas by trained G/T classroom teachers,
  • Served in the G/T classrooms through modifications by adding depth and complexity to the state/district curriculum,
  • Taught higher order thinking skills in the elementary G/T pullout classes by G/T facilitators,
  • Encouraged to exercise creativity and higher level thinking,
  • Served at the secondary level through PAP, Pre-AP, Algebra I, AP and Dual Credit classes.

GT Parent Advisory Committee - GTPAC

Parents who would like to attend a GT HoustonCoop Staff Development need to contact Vicki Duncan at [email protected] to sign up.


The Mission of the GT Advisory Committee is to promote informed leadership for gifted and talented students by empowering LCISD families and educators with resources, tools, and a forum for voices to be heard, and to ensure an array of opportunities that encourage gifted and talented students' passion for learning.

District's Advisory Committees

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College and Career Coordinator
Anthony Yim

[email protected]

Advanced Academics Coordinator
Amber Boston

[email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Victoria Duncan
[email protected]

GT Awareness Meeting

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GT Awareness Meeting 9.21.23

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23.24 Gifted and Talented Services Awareness Night 9.21

GT PAC Meeting

GT PAC Meeting

GT New Identification Meeting

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