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Human Resources Directory

Name Position Email Extension
Kathleen M. Bowen, Ed.D. Chief Human Resources Officer 832-223-0302
Christine Muzik Director of Staffing & Records Management 832-223-0305
Courtney De La Torre Lead Staffing Specialist 832-223-0309
Krissy Tejeda Staffing Specialist 832-223-0319
Nancy Martinez Staffing Specialist 832-223-0306
Vanessa Andrews
Administrative Assistant - Human Resources 832-223-0303
Antoinette Johnson-Lazaro Human Resources Specialist Records 832-223-0308
Irene Salinas Human Resources Specialist Recruiting 832-223-0304
Wendy Fitch Human Resources Technician 832-223-0300
Abigail Camarillo Ambriz Human Resources Technician 832-223-0300
Monica Moody Human Resources Clerk 832-223-0314
Pedro Chapa Human Resources Recruiter 832-223-0311
Jose S. Garcia Human Resources Recruiter 832-223-0317
Patricia Kibbey Employee Management Systems Clerk 832-223-0310
Substitute Clerk Office 832-223-0310

Employee Benefits

Trudy Harris Director of Employee Services & Risk Management 832-223-0307
Erica Montalvo Employee Benefits Specialist 832-223-0315
Cheryl Koteras Employee Benefits Specialist 832-223-0313