Curriculum & Instruction

Vision Statement

The vision of the curriculum department is to be an active participant in the Lamar CISD learning community as it empowers students to be successful in the world as it will be.

Mission Statement

The mission of the curriculum department is to add value to the Lamar CISD learning community by:

  • using reliable research and district data;
  • creating and maintaining a challenging curriculum;
  • delivering relevant and engaging professional development, and
  • providing aligned and meaningful assessments.

We Commit Ourselves to

  • building positive relationships;
  • being active listeners;
  • working collaboratively;
  • growing and team building;
  • implementing best practices based on data;
  • providing an aligned, differentiated curriculum, and
  • planning and implementing relevant and engaging staff development.

Our Beliefs

  • The highest goal is adding value to each student.
  • The teacher is the key to success.
  • A well aligned, differentiated curriculum is necessary to close gaps and accelerate learning.
  • Quality staff development is necessary to engage teachers.
  • Data must drive decision making.

Graduates of Lamar CISD

Lamar CISD is committed to providing the environment and learning opportunities for all students so that, as graduates, they will have the characteristics which will enable them to make a meaningful and successful contribution to both society and the workforce. Our graduates will be the following:

Effective Communicators who successfully use the levels of communication skills demanded by the complex, diverse, and ever-changing world. Such skills include, but are not limited to, listening, speaking, writing, reading, as well as, communicating through mathematics, science, and the arts.

Competent, Creative Problem-Solvers who identify problems and the information needed to organize, analyze, interpret, evaluate, predict, and make appropriate decisions to avoid or to resolve problems that accompany a rapidly-changing world.

Self-Directed Learners who practice habits that provide for continuous improvement and maintenance of their mental, emotional, and physical health. They possess self-assurance and a positive self-concept. Through their acquired educational skills, they will address the complexities of life and, thereby, be life-long learners.

Responsible Citizens who understand and appreciate the benefits of democratic government and free enterprise and who participate in the political process. They comprehend the nature of economics and finance applicable to everyday living. They recognize the importance of making a contribution to both school/service organizations and the community.

Celebrants of Diversity who practice respect through acceptance of people different from themselves. Attributes include learning about other cultures and speaking positively about other cultures, associating with heterogeneous groups, and accepting cultural and individual differences.

Quality Producers who have a strong work ethic, demonstrate knowledge about current careers, possess the appropriate skills necessary to attain work, and continue to seek and update training throughout their careers. They are resourceful and creative, have high expectations for their own work both as an individual and as part of a team, lead others when called upon, and monitor and correct their own performance.

Efficient Users of Technology who create intellectual, artistic, and practical products and services which reflect originality, innovation, and application of advanced technology. They understand and apply a variety of technologies to access information and solve problems in their personal and professional lives.

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