Mission Statement

To provide safe transportation for school children to and from school and on school sponsored trips.

In most cases, drivers will no longer leave the bus with students on it to escort students across the roadway, especially on neighborhood streets. Parents, please talk to your child and instruct them to watch their driver for directions on when to cross, and to not cross until the driver directs them.  When possible, always meet your child at the bus stop. Encourage your child to always cross in FRONT of the bus, and NEVER behind the bus.

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Please call (832) 223-0289 if you have general questions regarding Transportation.

The district makes school bus transportation available to all students living one half mile from their home school.

Riding the bus in LCISD is a privilege.

Students are expected to assist their bus driver in ensuring that buses remain in good condition and that transportation is provided safely. When riding in district vehicles, students are held to the same behavioral standards established for the classroom and the Student Code of Conduct.

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