Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Appliances

What is the definition of a personal appliance?

This is any appliance used by a staff member that is for personal use in a District-run facility.

Who decides what personal appliance(s) can be in a classroom?

Department Directors, School Principals, Energy Coordinator, and the District make the decision. For personal refrigerators, Department Directors and School Principals have the final say. For other appliances, a yes from a Department Director and/or a School Principal will require approval from the Energy Coordinator and The District. This includes but not limited to microwaves, coffee pots, and lamps. The decision will be based on what it is, what it is being used for, its location, and where it is plugging into.

What can I plug the appliance into?

Plug all appliances directly into a wall plug. The use of extension cords is not permitted.

What are the requirements for a refrigerator?

The requirements for a refrigerator is a maximum of 2.7 cubic foot, Energy Star rated, UL listed.

Can I have a fan in my classroom or office area?

Certain fans are acceptable and do not require a permit. Examples of acceptable fans are desk top type and the cylindrical type fans. Examples of unacceptable fans are fan/heater combinations, big box fans or swamp coolers.

If I remove the bulb can I keep my lamp?

All lamps not used for educational purposes, will need to have a small appliance permit.

What about Booster Club and PTO purchased appliances?

These appliances are permitted as long as they are being used for the purpose of education and/or supporting education such as fund raiser items that need to be stored in this type of condition.

Use of Facilities

What does “dead night” mean?

The term "dead night" is in reference to the Administrative Regulation for Energy Management. Each facility will choose one night per week where the facility will not have any activities scheduled after school is out for the day. The night chosen will remain the same throughout the school year.

What about building use at the end of a school day or on weekends?

Scheduling accomplished by doing the proper paperwork. It is imperative that a Use of Facilities Form is filled out and turned in for proper permission and for scheduling items that may be needed for your event. Please keep in mind that when dealing with mechanical equipment that anything can happen at any time.

What about scheduling more than one group?

The goal for all District Locations is to put your groups in one part of the building. By doing this we can eliminate turning on air-conditioning equipment for the whole building if you are only using two or three classrooms.

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