Maintenance and Operations

Energy, the word, can mean different things to many people. In school business, energy means the amount of electricity, water, and natural gas we as a District consume or use. The use is converted into dollars and cents the District must pay.

Electricity is measured in Kwh (kilo-watt hours). Water is measured in gallons. Natural gas is measured in cubic feet. The catch is, the more you use the more you pay.

The goal for the District is to use our energy wisely. Use what you need. This is a team effort and we all must participate. Every time a switch is flipped, a knob turned, or a valve is on the meters are turning and dollars are being expended.

Please remember the next time you flip a switch, turn a knob, or push a button, ask yourselves is this really necessary. Do I need it? Do I want it?

Energy Coordinator
Ysidro Merlos
[email protected]

Energy Technician
Horacio Lozano
[email protected]

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