Athletic Department



Dear Parents,

Your son/daughter has a wonderful opportunity to participate in the swimming program at the Lamar CISD Natatorium required by the Physical Education Department. There, he/she will be instructed by certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. The program is approximately 12 days and includes water safety instruction and Red Cross swim lessons. Each student who completes the course will receive an American Red Cross card indicating his or her level of achievement. LCISD transportation department will provide transportation. Students will be escorted to the bus by their teacher and supervised as they get on the bus. The bus driver will be responsible for the students during their travel to and from the natatorium. The students will be expected to behave on the bus at all times. Once the students arrive to the natatorium, the WSI instructor will be waiting for the bus and will escort the children into the natatorium. Students will be under adult supervision at all times, in and out of the water.

Although great care and emphasis is placed on safety, this is still a water activity and there are certain risks involved. Students WILL NOT be brought to the deep end without a lifejacket, until they show mastery of swimming and floating techniques in the shallow end. This area is carefully monitored and guarded.

Each student is required to bring a swimsuit. The girls are required to wear a one-piece suit and those individuals with long hair must wear their hair up. No t-shirts, shorts or cut-offs are allowed. Swim suits only. We will allow swim shirts if necessary. Towels are provided for each student each day. (Please do not bring towels from home.)