Messages from Ms. Melba

Messages from Ms. Melba

Melba Tatum, LCSW-S, LCDC, CART, ADHD-CCSP provides ADHD and Mental Health parenting resources for LCISD families through our partnership with Memorial Hermann School Based Clinics. Due to limited campus activities, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share her knowledge and resources via weekly "Messages from Ms. Melba".  Each week please find useful tips and insights on an array of topics. If you have any questions or suggestions for future exploration, please contact Melba Tatum at

Theme: ADHD  

10/23/20 ADHD: Let’s Fight COVID-19 Together with Super Heroes

11/13/20 ADHD: Definition

12/4/20 Types of ADHD

12/11/20 ADHD-Inattentive Type

12/18/20 ADHD-Hyperactivity/Impulsivity Type

2/26/21 & 3/5/21 Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Rating Scale for Teachers

Initial Teacher Rating Scale/Scoring Instructions

Follow-up Teacher Rating Scale/Scoring Instructions

3/19/21 Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Rating Scale for Parents

Follow-up Parent Rating Scale /Scoring Instructions

4/16/21 Positive Traits and Characteristics of ADHD

Theme: Ways to Improve Emotional Well Being

Four ways to improve your emotional well-being

10/9/20 Emotional Well-Being (Self Care, Social Connection)

10/16/20 Emotional Well-Being (Mindfulness, Gratitude)

10/30/20 Emotional Well-Being (Empathy)

11/6/20 Emotional Well-Being (Awe)

Theme: Blogs on Parenting Skills Tailored for ADHD Kids/Teens

ADHD: Part 1 Three Styles of Parenting and ADHD

ADHD: Part 2 Parenting Styles and Situations related to ADHD

ADHD: De Escalation Strategies and Phrases

ADHD: How to Avoid Power Struggles