Staff Development


Mission Statement

Through collaborative leadership, the LCISD Staff Development program will inspire professional learning for all employees to empower a strategic, innovative and highly effective staff.

Director of Staff Development
Jamie Vincek
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Jenn Artino
[email protected]

Vision Statement

So that students successfully achieve the goals of the graduate profile, Lamar CISD will design, deliver and support quality staff development that enables each employee to reach the highest level of performance.

Staff Development Definition

Staff development in LCISD includes all processes and activities designed to enhance professional knowledge, skills and attitudes of staff so they will, in turn improve the learning of students. LCISD believes all staff development should be relevant and timely in relation to the needs of the participants. In support of these qualities, all staff development will be aligned with the District Improvement Plan, department goals and objectives, and/or Campus Improvement Plans.

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