Special Programs 

Special Education Staff

Assessment Coordinator

Name Email Phone
Teri Carwile                                                         [email protected] 832-223-0477

Behavior Coordinator-Powell Point

Name Email Phone
Ronald (RJ) Hawkins [email protected] 832-223-7902

Medicaid/SHARS Coordinator

Name Email Phone
Ashley Walters [email protected] 832-223-0400

Compliance Coordinator

Name Email Phone
Victoria Stuckman (Purple, Gold, and Blue Track) [email protected]
Hubenak Elementary, Huggins Elementary, Lindsey Elementary, Morgan Elementary, Tamarron Elementary, Leaman JH, Fulshear HS
Adolphus Elementary, Bentley Elementary, Frost Elementary, Jackson Elementary, McNeill Elementary, Wertheimer Middle, Briscoe JH, Foster HS
Sequin ECC, Austin Elementary, Hutchison Elementary, Long Elementary, Pink Elementary, Smith Elementary, Phelan Elementary, Wessendorff, Lamar JH, and Lamar CHS
Angela Stewart (Red, Maroon, and Silver) [email protected]
Beasley Elementary, Bowie Elementary, Culver Elementary, Ray Elementary, Travis Elementary, Navarro Middle, George JH, Terry HS
Campbell Elementary, Carter Elementary, Dickinson Elementary, Velasquez Elementary, Williams Elementary, Polly Ryon, Reading JH, and George Ranch HS
Arredondo Elementary, Meyer Elementary, Thomas Elementary, Wright, JH, and Randle HS

Instructional Coordinator

Name Email Phone
Jenia Bates (Resource and Inclusion Programs) [email protected] 832-223-0398
Alexandria Blackmon  ( Self-Contained Programs) [email protected] 832-223-0462

Special Education Transition and Behavior Coordinator

Name Email Phone
Dr. Valorie Jones [email protected] 832-223-0441

Assessment Staff

Name Email Phone
Shana Story - Lead SLP and ECI [email protected] 832-223-0483
Erica Devantier - Lead Educational Diagnostician [email protected] 832-223-3941
Lisa Harris -Lead Educational Diagnostician [email protected]