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LCISD students perform well at TSA Regional competition

Mar 03, 2014 | Joel Garrett

This weekend, the Lamar CHS TSA and George Ranch HS TSA competed at our Regional competition, hosted by LCHS and GRHS at George Ranch. There were 15 schools from all over the region in attendance with nearly 300 students.

Both schools had a successful showing of students qualifying for state, with GRHS having 49 out of 55 students qualified, and LCHS having 35 out of 42 students qualified. Full results are below.

GRHS Winners

Thank you for your continued support of TSA! 

$500 GCTEA Outstanding Senior Scholarship:  Micah Bullock 

Animatronics: 2nd Place: Adrian Michel, Zach Matta, Juliana Herrera, Josh Chavez, Fisher Cherry, and Miguel Garza

Architectural Renovation: 3rd Place: Camille Saha, Gina Bautista

Biotechnology Engineering: 2nd Place: Chris Blanco, Fisher Cherry, Barraq Kanaan, Emmanuel Osikpa, and Sever Zagria

Chapter Team: 1st Place: Fisher Cherry, LeRoy Franklin, Mills LeMaire, Matthew Martinez, Michael Elder, and Matthew Martinez

Computer-Aided Design 3D: 3rd Place: Micah Bullock

Dragster: 3rd Place: Michael Elder 4th Place: Ejeh Okorafar

Engineering Design: 2nd Place: Michael Matta, James Poche, Fisher Cherry, Mills LeMaire, and Caleb Mittanck

Essays on Technology: 2nd Place: Jessica Amores

Fashion Design: 3rd Place: Courtney Le, Leann Brotamonte, Haley Foster, and Jessica Amores

Flight Endurance: 1st Place: Mason Ameen

Future Technology Teacher: 2nd Place: Andy Henrici

On Demand Video: 3rd Place: James Frank, Fisher Cherry, Jared Hernandez, Luke Allsteadt, LeRoy Franklin, and Cameron Wheeler

Open Source Software: 2nd Place: James Poche, Sever Zagria, Charlie Matt, and Christopher Blanco

Photographic Technology: 2nd Place: Mills LeMaire

Sci Vis: 2nd Place: Andy Henrici, Jessica Amores, Haley Foster

Structure Design: 4th Place: Justin Resnigt and Christian Vodnik

Technology Bowl: 2nd Place – Barraq Kanaan, Ejeh Osikpa, and Emmanuel Osikpa

Technology Problem Solving: 1st Place: Camille Saha and Gina Bautista

Transportation Modeling: 2nd Place: Micah Bullock

VEX Robotics: 1st Place – Maroon Team 2nd Place – Black Team

Video Game Design: 2nd Place: Mills LeMaire and Michael Matta

Communication/Print Media - Video Commercial 15 sec: 1st Place: Luke Allsteadt

Communication/Print Media - Video Commercial 60 sec: 1st Place: Mathew Martinez

Placing 1st and 2nd in multiple photography events: Brittanie Cason – 3 Events; Ejeh Okorafar -  2 Events; Courtney Lake – 3 Events; Emma Espey – 2 Events; Jessica Conde – 3 Events; Ana Solimano – 4 Events; Meg Black – 5 Events; Shelby Butcher – 1 Event; Michelle Chagani – 4 Events

Construction, Modeling & Design - Kit – Electronics: 1st Place: LeRoy Franklin 2nd Place: Luke Allsteadt

Applied Tech Science - Electronics - Logic Circuit Production: Cameron Wheeler

LCHS Winners

Thank you for your continued support of TSA!

$500 GCTEA Outstanding Senior Scholarship: Rachel Tankersley

Animatronics: 2nd Place: Sumaiya Awan, Jacob Bowman, & Sarah Tankersley

Biotechnology Design: 3rd Place: Taylor Rodriguez & Jesse Segun-Oside

Debating Technological Issues: 1st Place: Hinanshi Patel & Andrew Ramirez

Desktop Publishing: 1st: Aaron Adrian

Dragster Design: 2nd Place: Yessenia Portillo | 5th Place: AJ Ayala

Engineering Design: 1st Place: Storm Webb, Tres Mahadeo, Gabriel Chaparro, Rudy Arreguin, Isaiah Villaloboz, & Rachel Tankersley

Essays on Technology: 1st Place: Hinanshi Patel

Extemporaneous Presentation: 1st Place: Hinanshi Patel

Fashion Design: 2nd Place: Taylor Rodriguez, Savannah Garza, Karlee Rios, & Yessenia Portillo

Flight Endurance: 2nd Place: Jeffry Gomez

Future Technology Teacher: 1st Place: Rachel Tankersley

Manufacturing Prototype: 1st Place: Drew Boyer, Libby Barker, & Rudy Arreguin

Music Production: 1st Place: Austin Brown, Libby Barker, & Jesse Segun-Oside | 3rd Place: Tres Mahadeo, Isaiah Villaloboz, & Gabriel Chaparro

On Demand Video: 1st Place: Taylor Rodriguez, Jesse Segun-Oside, Nnamdi Chukwuocha, Abir Shukla, Reyes Hernandez, and Dustin Anhaiser

Open Source Software Development: 1st Place: Jesse Segun-Oside, Taylor Rodriguez, Abir Shukla, Denalex Orakwue, Laniel Ogu, & Tomisin Alagbe

Photography: 3rd Place: Yessenia Portillo

Prepared Presentation: 1st Place: Hinanshi Patel | 2nd Place: Claire Quilaton

Promotional Graphics: 2nd Place: Taylor Rodriguez

SciVis: 1st Place: Taylor Rodriguez, Karlee Rios, Mason Rodriguez, Jesse Segun-Oside, Diego Garza & Jacob Bowman

Structural Engineering: 3rd Place: Dustin Anhaiser & Reyes Hernandez

Technical Sketching and Application: 1st Place: Catlin Moore-Trotter

Technology Problem Solving: 2nd Place: Reyes Hernandez & Bradley Humble

Transportation Modeling: 3rd Place: AJ Ayala

Video Game Design: 3rd Place: Brandon Humble, Jacob Bowman, Sumaiya Awan, & Sarah Tankersley

Webmaster: 1st Place: Jesse Segun-Oside, Abir Shukla, Tomisin Alagbe, Denalex Orawkue, Nnamdi Chukwuocha, & Mason Rodriguez.