Advanced Placement

AIMS Puzzle Corner

Searching for a few great puzzles to bend your brain on? Search no further!

Discovery Kids

Are penguins clumsy? Why do we need trees? Are bats really blind? Find the answers to all your questions – plus play games or challenge yourself with a puzzle!

Free Rice

Build your English vocabulary and feed the hungry around the world! Challenge yourself and your classmates to see who can achieve the highest level - or donate the most rice!

Harcourt Science Menus

Ready to deepen what you know about the word around us? Choose a grade level link on the left – and dig in!


Puzzles, stories, games, hidden pictures & more!

Invention at Play

Harness the power of play to discover, create and invent!

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Browse through ancient and modern art.


Become a neighborhood tycoon as you run your own Lemonade Stand, or play your way to success with Get Real! – Two great games to learn about life, economics and choices!


Kids learn best by “seeing” the real world. So, here’s the best collection of FREE online educational videos, lessons, quizzes, games and puzzles.

PBS Kids – Games

It’s GAME ON at PBS Kids! Choose your game topic and play-play-play!

Science News for Kids

Discover what scientists are learning today!

Study Jams

Discover how cool Math & Science really are! Interactive video lessons and related activities on topics ranging everywhere from Volcanoes to Creating Word Problems.


Choose a pattern and challenge yourself or a partner to make it with your virtual tangram pieces. Good 

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