Lamar Consolidated Independent School District's Bilingual Education Program begins with bilingual classes in PK-5th grade.


To prepare students to become bilingual and bi-literate in order to maximize their current and future academic potential in a multicultural diverse global society.


  1. To enable ELL students to become proficient in comprehending the English language in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing through the utilization of ELPS.
  2. To promote awareness and appreciation of all cultures.
  3. To achieve academic success in all content areas.
  4. To encourage ELL students to participate in meaningful and active social settings.
  5. To inspire ELL students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and self-motivators.

Program Overview

Transitional Late Exit

A bi-literacy program that serves only students identified as students of limited English proficiency in both English and Spanish and transfers a student to English-only instruction not earlier than six or later than seven years after the student enrolls in school. This program is a full-time program of instruction in which both Spanish and English are used to teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. It is an additive instructional program model that fosters bilingualism and bi-literacy. In the primary grades (Prekindergarten–2nd grade), Spanish speaking English language learners receive instruction of the core curriculum in Spanish and English. English language development instruction is integrated across the curriculum through research-based ESL strategies to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing in all content areas.  In the intermediate grades (3rd – 5th), instruction of the core curriculum is delivered, for the most part, in English through a sheltered instruction approach, and Spanish literacy and academic language instruction is continued. Teachers work with students needing academic support in Spanish during small group instruction.

TEA English Learner Portal

For more information, please see our flyers. 
Bilingual English Flyer 
Bilingual Spanish Flyer

Feeder Patterns:

LCISD Bilingual ESL School Feeder Patterns 2018-19

Gloria Stewart
Director BIL ESL Curriculum & Instruction

Aimee Mercado Betancourt
Administrative Assistant to Bilingual/ESL Director

Kim Lybarger
ALP Facilitator

Susana Benitez
ALP Facilitator

John Davin
ALP Secondary Facilitator

Marylou Garcia
ALP Facilitator