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Accelerated Language Programs Department

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to inspire, support and motivate students by removing cultural, linguistic and social barriers so that each student receives an exemplary education, achieve academic, linguistic and social success, and participate in future social, economic, and educational opportunities.


  • Students will achieve or exceed Lamar CISD and Texas Standards in all academic subjects.
  • Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of many cultures.
  • Empower teachers to establish and maintain a climate of high expectations for all students.
  • Assist teachers in developing a multitude of best practices to meet the various needs of all learners.

Gloria Stewart
Director BIL ESL Curriculum & Instruction

Aimee Mercado Betancourt
Administrative Assistant to Bilingual/ESL Director

Brenda Perez
Bilingual & Parent Engagement Facilitator

Elisabeth Howell
LOTE Facilitator

John Davin
ALP Secondary Facilitator

Kim Lybarger
ALP Facilitator

Mary Lou Garcia
ALP and Early Childhood Facilitator

Rosemary Anthony
Compliance Facilitator

Stacy Perez
Early Childhood and Parent Engagement Specialist

Susana Benitez
Bilingual/ESL Professional Development Specialist