Zach Lambert - President

District 1

Board Member since 2021

Current term ends in 2025

Zach Lambert has been a Lamar CISD resident since 2015. Zach manages Mercy Goods in Richmond, an organization that hires and trains students in the community and teaches them to design and build furniture with the purpose of ensuring graduation, learning job skills and receiving mentorship.

His wife, April, is a teacher in Lamar CISD and they have three children who attend Lamar CISD schools.

"I am excited to serve and represent District 1 for Lamar CISD. I know that the well-being of my family is dependent on the prosperity of our community and the success of our district. If the leadership, teachers, and staff of our school district are thriving, then my three kids will also thrive. My goal is to contribute to our already amazing district. I want to help foster healthy emotional, spiritual, and physical growth for all of our community members."

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