Strategic Plan


As Lamar CISD continues to be one of the fastest-growing school district in Texas, it's important that the District and community have a shared vision for the future. With the help of the Lamar CISD community, we created an inclusive strategic plan during the 2018-2019 school year that includes five strategic priorities:

Evolve the Student Learning Experience
As the needs of employers continue to evolve, it is critical that our educators are equipped with the best possible tools, technology and resources to prepare Lamar CISD students for their future life and careers.

Equip Students with Knowledge and Skills to Succeed in a Changing World
Ensure Lamar CISD graduates have effective critical thinking, problem solving and communications skills in order to be successful in professional and personal relationships.

Promote a Safe and Healthy Environment
The District should ensure that facilities are safe and up-to-date and that students and staff have access to an increased number of high-quality mental health supports.

Plan for Rapid Growth While Preserving District Culture
The District should work to maintain the “small-town feel” of Lamar CISD that is valued in the community by maintaining neighborhood schools and feeder pattern alignment. The District should also ensure consistent, proactive communication with stakeholders.

Focus on Talent
The District should ensure they’re attracting and retaining top talent by maintaining competitive salary and benefits, as well as investing in professional learning opportunities for staff.

To create the strategic plan, we heard from more than 18,000 parents, students, staff and community members through 10 listening tour meetings and an online survey. Find more information about the Strategic Planning process here

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