Frequently Asked Questions

What positions are currently posted in Lamar CISD?

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How do I apply for a job that is currently posted or for future employment with Lamar CISD?

In order to be considered for any employment opportunity, you must complete the appropriate online application.

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I need to retrieve my User ID and password to log in to my application. Who do I contact?

You will need to contact Human Resources at (832)223-0300 to retrieve your User ID and password.

What happens to applications once they are received by Human Resources?

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from Human Resources. The principals/administrators have access to your online application and any supporting documents you have submitted. They will review all applications and should they have an interest, the interview arrangement will be initiated at the campus level.

How can I find a principal's email address to send my resume?

All documents submitted in relation to employment opportunities with Lamar CISD should be sent to the Human Resources department. Once Human Resources receives a supporting document, it is added to the applicant's file so that principals/administrators are able to access it. To find a principal's email address, please access the School Directory.

Where can I access the teacher salary schedule?

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Does Lamar CISD offer benefits?

Yes, Lamar CISD offers benefits to eligible employees.

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I already have an application on file but I see a specific job for which I would like to apply. What do I need to do?

In order to apply for a specific job posting, you will need to log in to your online application and go to the 'Employment Preferences' section. From here, click 'Continue' and then 'Add Job'. Select the specific job posting from the dropdown menu and click 'Continue'. Once you have completed this step, you will need to review, save and submit your application.

What supporting documents are needed to complete my application?

Based on the type of application, you will need to submit copies of the following supporting documents:

Application Type Supporting Documents
Administrative Resume/cover letter
Certificates (if applicable)
Certified Most Recent Observation
Resume/cover letter
Appropriate certificate(s)/license(s)
Note: teacher applicants must submit SBEC certificate or proof of current enrollment status in an approved Alternative Certification Program with a Statement of Eligibility
Paraprofessional Resume/cover letter
Certificates (if applicable)

How do I submit my supporting documents to Human Resources?

You may submit your supporting documents using any of the following methods:

  • Upload in the 'Supporting Documents' section of the online application
  • Fax to (832)223-0301
  • Mail to: Human Resources, 3911 Ave I, Rosenberg, TX 77471
  • Email your documents to

After submitting my application, I was prompted to complete the StyleProfile Builder. Do I need to complete it?

If the StyleProfile Builder is assigned to you, you need to complete it. This assessment is assigned to applicants based on the employment preferences selected and is part of the application process. School nurse applicants are required to complete the StyleProfile Builder.

Do I need to fill out more than one application if, for example, I am applying for teacher, substitute and paraprofessional positions?

Yes, you must submit the appropriate type of application for each position. The available employment application types include:

  • Administrative
  • Certified
  • Paraprofessional
  • Classified
  • Substitute
  • Summer School

How do I update information on my application?

Simply log in to your application and make the necessary changes/updates to your application. After you have made all necessary changes, you will need to review, save and submit your application.

I was unable to edit my current references on my application. How can I update my references?

Once you have entered your references and submitted your application, you will not be able to edit the references. Instead, you will need to add new entries for the references with the updated information. Once you have added the new reference entries, you will need to review, save and submit your application.

If I have a question about a specific position, who do I contact?

For Certified teaching positions contact: Nancy Martinez, | (832)223-0306 or Jose Sanchez-Garcia, | (832)223-0317.

For Administrative positions contact: Courtney De La Torre, | (832)223-0309.

For Paraprofessional positions contact: Antoinette Lazaro, | (832)223-0887 or Abigail Ambriz, | (832)223-0886.

For Classified positions contact: Pedro Chapa, | (832)223-0885.