Demographic Reports

2024 Demographics Report Infographic

2024 Lamar CISD Demographic Overview

The files listed below are very large in size. It is recommended that you download and save the files before opening them.

2024 Demographic ReportPDF20.26 MB Download
Addendum: Lamar CISD Planning Area Forecast - January 2024PDF4.04 MB Download
2023 Demographic ReportPDF38.26 MB Download
2022 Demographics ReportPDF162.86 MB Download
2021 Demographics ReportPDF76.64 MB Download
2020 Demographics ReportPDF130.06 MB Download
2019 Demographics ReportPDF65.82 MB Download
2018 Demographics ReportPDF67.66 MB Download
2017 Demographics ReportPDF114.77 MB Download
2016 Demographics ReportPDF63.32 MB Download
2015 Demographics ReportPDF77.08 MB Download
2014 Demographics ReportPDF68.02 MB Download
2003 Demographics ReportPDF13.84 MB Download
2005 Demographics ReportPDF31.70 MB Download
2004 Demographics ReportPDF17.11 MB Download
2008 Demographics ReportPDF183.23 MB Download
2007 Demographics ReportPDF48.16 MB Download
2006 Demographics ReportPDF27.02 MB Download
2010 Demographics ReportPDF25.18 MB Download
2011 Demographics ReportPDF81.40 MB Download
2012 Demographics ReportPDF47.74 MB Download
2013 Demographics ReportPDF42.73 MB Download
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