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During the Board Meeting on August 15, the Lamar CISD Board of Trustees called for a bond election containing one proposition for consideration by community voters totaling $15 million.

Guy K. Traylor Stadium originally opened in 1960 and, for more than 60 years, it has undergone many improvements to be kept in good working conditions for our students and visitors. Every year, Traylor Stadium hosts more than 70 games, contests, and events which involve approximately 13,000 students.

This single bond proposition would cover renovations and improvements to Traylor Stadium, including the bleachers, foundation repairs, replacement of the turf, and the installation of LED lighting. Repairs will also be made to the roof and locker rooms.

The community is invited to participate in the upcoming 2023 Traylor Bond election, and important dates are noted below:

October 10    Last day to register to vote

October 23    Early voting starts

October 27    Deadline to apply for ballot by mail (Received, not postmarked)

November 3  Early voting ends

November 7  Election Day

History of Guy K. Traylor Stadium

Traylor Stadium originally opened in 1960 and has undergone a series of improvements in its 60+ years to keep it in working condition as our District Stadium for all 6 High Schools. Every year, the stadium hosts about 70+ games, contests and events which involve approximately 13,000 students.

Traylor Stadium uses synthetic turf, which has a lifespan of 10 years. The last turf replacement was in 2013. Replacement of the turf at the end of its lifespan helps ensure a safe surface for users. Additionally, the bond includes a comprehensive list of repairs to Traylor Stadium focused on the safety and functionality of the facility for our students and the community.

Foundation 1
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Scope Of Work

Traylor Stadium - Originally Proposed 2022 Bond Scope $4,978,501
Replace all football field lighting with new LED lights
Replace the turf field with a new turf field
Repair metal roof on west locker rooms
Replace metal roof on east locker rooms
Repair broken and cracked exterior wall cladding
Replace exterior waterproofing/sealant joints
Renovate east locker rooms
Traylor Stadium - Additional Scope $10,000,000
Repair bleacher foundation $3,500,000
Replace bleacher seating & floorboard planks $6,500,000
Grand Total $14,978,501

Financial Impact

The Lamar CISD Board of Trustees adopted a total tax rate for the 2023 tax year of $1.1492, which is 9.28 cents less than the total tax rate for the 2022 tax year which was $1.242.

If passed, this bond WILL NOT increase the total tax rate that was passed for the 2023 tax year.

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