Bond 2023 Results

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Traylor Stadium Aerial

Unfortunately, the Lamar CISD 2023 Traylor Bond did not receive enough votes to pass. The $15 million single proposition would have covered multiple safety renovations and improvements to Guy K. Traylor Stadium, including:

  • Bleacher repairs
  • Foundation repairs
  • Roof repairs
  • Locker room repairs
  • Turf replacement
  • LED lighting

These renovations were listed to prioritize functionality and the safety of our students, staff, and visitors.

For about an hour after receiving the outcome of the votes, I felt defeated, and it didn’t make sense. We lowered the taxes and passing the bond would not increase taxes. On top of that, the safety of kids, parents, and staff was at risk with current stadium conditions. I was certain the message was clear, but I was wrong.

After feeling defeated, a small voice said,” What are you going to do, Nivens? Sit here and feel sorry for yourself, or make sure you continue to walk in purpose, through the fire, and show your resilience?”

I’ve decided to choose the latter – resilience.

More than 44,000 students depend on us to be #BelieveTheBest and to keep them as our priority. As the Superintendent, I am purposed to lead that charge. While I am disappointed, I am not defeated by this outcome. We must find ways to take care of young people because they deserve it.

To be perfectly clear, the bond did not pass, and that’s a fact. However, I am choosing to let this reality strengthen my commitment to our staff and students. This circumstance will not define who we are or what we do, but it will make us a stronger team and community.

I am incredibly grateful to our community members for participating in the bond election and know we will continue working together for student success and safety.

Thank you for being a part of Lamar CISD,

Dr. Roosevelt Nivens

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