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Bond 2020 – Proposition C
Second Stadium FAQ

Why was a second stadium included in the 2020 Bond Proposal?

With the opening of our sixth high school in 2021, and a seventh high school included in the 2020 Bond, a second stadium will help with the scheduling involved with numerous District high schools.

It's possible that Lamar CISD could have 4 to 7 home games a week. The District would not be able to accommodate that many home games at one stadium without playing during the heat of the day on Saturday or renting another district's venue to host additional "home" games.

How was the cost of the second stadium calculated?

To calculate the cost of the second stadium, Lamar CISD looked at comparable stadiums in the area such as Clear Creek ISD, Spring ISD and Alvin ISD, and worked with professional architects to add construction cost increases from when those stadiums were built until 2020. Using this information, the estimated 2020 cost for a second stadium in Lamar CISD came to $66.95 million.

These professional architects then used industry standards to estimate construction cost increases based on a 2023 construction start date. These models estimate an eight percent increase in construction costs from 2020 to 2021, and a seven percent increase in each of 2022 and 2023, resulting in the estimated $82.78 million included in the 2020 Bond proposal.

The second stadium, like all construction and renovation projects in Lamar CISD, would go through a public procurement method required by law.

Due to recent legislation, Proposition C must also include the land cost associated with the stadium, which is estimated at $11 million. The estimated stadium cost plus the estimated land cost brings the total estimated cost of Proposition C to $93,783,238.

Bonds would be sold over a period of years to reduce the impact on the tax rate. Lamar CISD strategically manages the timing of bond sales and monitors property value growth to control tax rate.

To view conceptual renderings of a second stadium, based on comparable stadiums in the area, click here.

Has the location for a second stadium been selected?

No, the location for a second stadium has not been determined.

How many Lamar CISD students would utilize a second stadium?

The 10,000-seat stadium included in the 2020 Bond proposal would support many of our athletic and Performing and Visual Arts programs, including football, soccer, cheer, band, dance and more.

Each varsity football game includes, on average, 370 student participants per side. That number includes athletes and fine arts participants, but does not include those who attend as fans. Lamar CISD hosted 24 games during the regular season last year, which provided roughly 17,760 student participation opportunities.

If voters approve a second stadium, all Lamar CISD high schools and junior highs would have access to both stadiums to meet their scheduling needs.

During a typical school year, how many events are hosted at Traylor Stadium?

Traylor Stadium typically hosts the following events on an annual basis:

  • Junior high and high school football games (58)
  • Lamar CISD Marching Band Festival and marching band events
  • High school soccer tournament and games
  • Fun runs and fundraising walks for various campuses
  • ROTC reviews and training exercises
  • Special Olympic events
  • Junior high and high school track meets
  • Campus events that exceed their color track stadium capacity of 750
  • Facility rentals (youth leagues, amateur leagues, fun runs, etc.)
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