Our vision is a community where families, schools, businesses, and organizations CONNECT to support child development and improve student achievement.


The Connect mission is firmly rooted in advancing early childhood development and literacy skills, building parent capacity to support their student's academic achievement at home and in school, engaging students in hands-on learning experiences that help them make academic connections and build background knowledge, and strengthening the family-school-community partnership.


Research demonstrates that strong relationships between schools, families, and community members can positively affect student achievement and outcomes. Increased family engagement in schools is strongly associated with faster rates of literacy acquisition among children, increased rates of continuing on to secondary education, and decreased rates of school dropout.

Family-school-community partnerships are a shared responsibility and reciprocal process where schools and other community agencies and organizations engage families in meaningful ways, and families take initiative to actively support their children’s development and learning. Schools and community organizations make efforts to listen to parents, support them, and ensure that they have the tools to be active partners in their children’s school experience.







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