Family Access

About Family Access

Family Access is a free service and will be available to all parents and guardians with children enrolled in the District. 

Family Access is a secure Internet-based website that allows parents and guardians to easily track their students’ progress. There are even applications for Apple IOS and Android devices available from the appropriate stores. Among other things, this new service will allow you to view student attendance, grades, schedule, progress and assignments.

Family Access Assistance

If there is an issue with your student's demographic information, please contact your campus registrar directly. Demographic information includes but is not limited to: address and phone numbers, emergency contacts, guardians, and misspelled names.

If you need help with a forgotten username/password, please click here.

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Beginning of Year Forms

Beginning of Year Forms

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To speak with someone regarding a Family Access issue, please contact your campus representative listed below.

High Schools
Foster HS Delores Sanchez 832-223-3805
Fulshear HS Kelli Evatt 832-223-5000
George Ranch HS Celeste Rodriguez 832-223-4219
Lamar CHS Matthew Crutcher 832-223-3101
Randle HS Roxanne Villafranco 832-223-5800
Terry HS Crystal Reyes-Gonzalez 832-223-3491
Junior High Schools
Briscoe JH Jess Bennetsen 832-223-4004
George JH Connie Alameda 832-223-3604
Lamar JH Priscilla Hernandez
Leaman JH Sylvia Rodriguez 832-223-5211
Reading JH Melanie Mays
Wright JH Ceciley Ortiz 832-223-6000
Middle Schools
Navarro MS Sandra Tamez 832-223-3703
Polly Ryon MS Lidia Camacho 832-223-4500
Roberts MS Barbara Lucero 832-223-5300
Wertheimer MS Cheryl McGill 832-223-4103
Wessendorff MS Vilma Martinez 832-223-3307
Elementary Schools
Adolphus ES Amy Curiel 832-223-4700
Arredondo ES Magdalena Polendo 832-223-4800
Austin ES Cassi Malota 832-223-1003
Beasley ES Amy Cloud 832-223-1103
Bentley ES Casey Kipp
Bowie ES Liset Almazan- Gentry 832-223-1200
Campbell ES Debra Payne 832-223-1300
Carter ES Silvia Ortega
Culver ES Ana Saenz 832-223-5600
Dickinson ES Amanda Degollado 832-223-1420
Frost ES Catalina Guebara 832-223-1500
Hubenak ES Juliana Acosta 832-223-2900
Huggins ES Judy Martinez 832-223-1600
Hutchison ES Brenda Trammell 832-223-1700
Jackson ES Melissa Gonzalez 832-223-1800
Lindsey ES Rose Marin 832-223-5403
Long ES Cristelle Breimon 832-223-1903
McNeill ES Mindy Gonzalez 832-223-2800
Meyer ES Susan Evans 832-223-2003
Morgan ES Catherine N. Noriega 832-223-6203
Pink ES Juan Sosa-Tirad 832-223-2123
Phelan Michelle Cardwell 832-223-6000
Ray ES Frances Villarreal 832-223-2400
Smith ES Rosa Reyes 832-223-2303
Tamarron ES Julie Little 832-223-5703
Thomas ES Amanda Torres 832-223-4600
Travis ES Erika Hernandez 832-223-2500
Velasquez ES Heather Vargas 832-223-2600
Williams ES Analleli Uribe Martinez 832-223-2700
Special Sites
Alternative Learning Center Kim Sydow 832-223-0903
Seguin ECC Trinidad Zamora 832-223-2203