Lamar Classroom Teacher’s Association honors Teacher and Paraprofessional of the Year Nominees

Apr 26, 2022 | Lamar CISD Communications

The Lamar Classroom Teacher’s Association (LCTA) spent the evening of April 7, honoring almost 100 Lamar CISD teachers and paraprofessionals of the year during the annual recognition banquet which was held in person for the first time since 2019.  

“I am absolutely thrilled with the success of this event. After such a long wait during COVID, it was wonderful to get together with almost 700 of our colleagues from around the district to celebrate all of the amazing educators in Lamar CISD,” LCTA President, Sara Ryan shared. “Teachers and paraprofessionals have worked hand in hand this year to find the good in our work and strive for success with our students. Even though it can be hard, these winners exemplify what education is all about. Congratulations to all!” 

“It’s always an honor when we get to honor our teachers and paraprofessionals,” Lamar CISD Superintendent Dr. Roosevelt Nivens shared. “There is no secret about the things that our teachers and paraprofessionals have to endure, especially during these last few years. We are truly appreciative of them for selfless acts of service.”  

Monika Jordan of Lindsey Elementary was named as the 2022 Elementary Teacher of the Year. Jordan has been with Lamar CISD for 7 years. 

“This honor would not have been possible if it wasn't for my amazing principal and assistant principal, Mrs. Heather Williams and Mrs. Robin Stover, who bring out the best in me every day,” Jordan explained.  “Their support and belief in me have positively impacted my confidence and drive to be the best teacher I can be for our students. This recognition truly surprised me, as there are so many more teachers in Lamar CISD just as deserving of this honor.” 

Fulshear High School’s Jennifer Inabnit-Serna was named as the 2022 Secondary Teacher of the Year. Inabnit- Serna has served as an American Sign Language (ASL) and Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) teacher in Lamar CISD for 6 years. 

“In my time at Lamar CISD, I have worked with many outstanding teachers and leaders. I was ecstatic when I won Teacher of the Year at Fulshear High School because we have rockstar teachers, and to be recognized by my peers was a true honor,” Inabit-Serna shared. “When they announced my name at the Teacher of the Year Banquet, I was in shock and overwhelmed with joy. I am still processing this momentous award and I hope to continue to make my school and LCISD proud as I continue to Regionals. I feel truly blessed.” 

Celeste Castellanos from Carter Elementary was named as the 2022 Elementary Paraprofessional of the Year. Castellanos has been with Lamar CISD for 6 years. ”I'm honored to receive this award,” Castellanos shared. “I’m truly grateful to be chosen for the 2022 Elementary Paraprofessional of the Year.”  

Leaman Junior High’s Maria Ramirez was named as the 2022 Secondary Paraprofessional of the Year. Ramirez has been with Lamar CISD for 7 years. 

“I am so honored, grateful, blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude, joy, and excitement to have been chosen as 2021-2022 Lamar CISD District Secondary Paraprofessional of the year!” Ramirez shared “I am proud to represent my campus as well as my school district!”  

In addition to honoring educators, the association also awarded seven scholarships to graduating Lamar CISD students. An additional scholarship was awarded to paraprofessional Jacky Gilbert of Wessendorff Middle School, to further his academic studies. Gilbert has been with Lamar CISD for 4 years. 

“The problem is not the problem; it is your attitude about the problem.” Gilbert shared. “This quote that I teach my students means that when you change your attitude, you will (also) change your life. This scholarship represents how I changed my attitude about problems over my life to be successful. I am grateful for this award.” 

For a list of all nominees, click here.

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