Lamar CISD Police Department to Begin Operations February 22

Jan 28, 2021 | Community Relations

The Lamar CISD Police Department will officially begin operations on Feb. 22, 2021. In February 2020, the Board of Trustees approved a resolution establishing the Lamar CISD Police Department. Since then, the department has been working with the Rosenberg Police Department to transition and prepare to serve the Lamar CISD community as the District’s first police department.

Lamar CISD has worked collaboratively with the Rosenberg Police Department for more than 20 years to provide students and staff with a safe learning environment through the School Resource Officer program. On Feb. 22, the contract with the Rosenberg Police Department will end.

“Serving the Lamar CISD community through our School Resource Officer program has been an honor for the Rosenberg Police Department and the City of Rosenberg,” said Rosenberg Police Chief Jonathan White. “Through this partnership, relationships have been established to ensure the safety and security of all stakeholders of Lamar CISD and the City of Rosenberg alike. We look forward to continuing this relationship with the newly created Lamar CISD Police Department as we continue to serve alongside them.”

The Lamar CISD Police Department is led by Police Chief Dallis Warren and currently consists of the District’s safety coordinator, 24 school security officers and 18 police officers. The Lamar CISD Police Department will align with District policies and procedures, while providing the same level of safety and security at all campuses and facilities.

“The creation of the Lamar CISD Police Department is a sign of growth for the District and we will continue to develop meaningful relationships with our students, staff and community,” said Chief Warren. “As District employees, our officers share the values of Lamar CISD and will ensure all students and staff have a safe and secure learning environment.”

For more information on safety and security in Lamar CISD, visit the District’s website.