Lamar JH takes crown in American History Quiz Bowl

May 29, 2014 | Community Relations

trophy presentation

What would you think is the best title for a diagram with a circular arrangement of the phrases:

  • Colonists staked out huge pieces of land for farming;
  • Free labor was available; and
  • More and more successful farms.

A team of 8th-graders from Lamar Junior High correctly answered “Growth of Slavery in America” would be the best title, earning them the title of Champions in the first Lamar CISD U.S. History Quiz Bowl.

The team battled students from the other three junior highs, before winning in a sudden-death tie-breaker against Reading Junior High.

Wednesday’s Final was the culmination of a year-long competition. Students competed via an Internet connection in November and February, answering 15 questions each time.

“It was very tight coming into the Finals,” said Kevin McCune, Lamar CISD’s Specialist for Social Studies. “At one point, three teams were tied for the lead, with the other team one point behind.”

After 28 more questions, LJH and RJH were knotted at the top. Both teams correctly answered the first three tie break questions, before the Ponies took the crown.