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Honoring our employees

May 02, 2014 | Community Relations

Lamar CISD honored employees who have reached milestones of service at the 2014 Employee Banquet, held at Safari Texas.

Each year, Superintendent Dr. Thomas Randle and members of the LCISD Board of Trustees thank employees for their service to the children of our community, beginning with five-year veterans and culminating with employees with 40-years of service.


20 years of service

Front row: Miriam Toufaily, Diane Kuroiwa, Debbie Jones and Holly Leonard;
Second row: Yolanda Tristan, Jennifer Medina Sullivan, Lorena Torres and Ramona Vargas;
Third row: Elizabeth Flores, Nita Pustejovski and  Melba Garcia;
Fourth row: Trudy Harris, Adela Leal and Lidia Casas;
Back row: Joe Imrie, Lillie Williams, Maria Fondon, Alma Phillips, Jacqulyn Cobbin and Reynaldo Guttierrez.

25 years of service

Front row: Otto Hardt;
Second row: Gloria Hinojosa, Irene Quintanilla, Hortencia Benavente and Virginia Scott;
Third row: Barbara Arnold, Linda Hernandez, Rick Amick, Joann Amick and Rita Willis;
Fourth row: Marie Enax, Monica Fojtik, Lela Brown and Barbara Boettcher.


30 years of service

Elizabeth Salazar, Nita Sulak, Minnie Villaloboz, Debi Schneider, Mary Garcia and Nancy Cupit.

35 years of service

Bess Matthys, Joseph Talas and Mary Pardo


40 years of service

 Sharon Haardt