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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my student is tardy to school/class?
If your student is running late to school, please remember they ALWAYS have to report to the Attendance Office before going to class. If they are 15 minutes late (TARDY) or less, they will receive a tardy pass from the Attendance Office. If they miss MORE THAN 15 minutes of class, they are absent and will need a written excuse. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student’s attendance, please feel free to give us a call anytime. Our hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

When my child is sick do I need to call in?
Fulshear HS does not require you to call in or notify in advance.

What is the procedure if my child needs to be released from school early?
In the event that you are picking up your student early, you will need to come in and sign them out at the Attendance Office. Please be prepared to show a valid State Issued Photo ID; this is LCISD policy, and we enforce it at Fulshear HS. 

**If you have a student driver that has driven onto campus, you may sign them out via email (this must come from a parent's verified email account) to one of our attendance clerks, giving your student permission to sign themselves out and time needed to be released.  A student may NOT leave campus in their car for any reason without prior written authorization and permission to do so from a school representative.

Do I need to send a note?
Yes, notes are required explaining any absence. Even if you pick your student up early from school, a note is required when they return to school. A parent note will suffice if you do not think the illness warrants a visit to the doctor. If your student does see their doctor, please bring the original “Return to School” note from the doctor. If your student is not sick but misses school for other documented purposes, official documents are required to excuse the absence, such as original court documents excusing student from school, signed by the court clerk, religious leaders, etc. (Please refer to the Attendance Policy in the Secondary Student Handbook for specifics).

What if I forget a note?
You have FIVE school days to bring notes in to the attendance office. We will not be able to accept excuse notes after the 5-day deadline. Fax copies are accepted only if they come directly from the doctor's office. If you need to keep the original document for any reason, present the original to us and we will make the copy for our files.

What if I know in advance that my child will be out of school?
We have a pre-arranged absence form available in the attendance office. This form is only needed if your student is missing three or more days, and should be filled out in advance of your student's anticipated absence from school.  Please note that while we appreciate the notification prior to their absence, these do still count against them in accordance with the state law requiring students attend 90% of the days each class is offered. Questions regarding loss of credit should be directed to your student's administrator.

If the school nurse sends my student home is it an absence?
Yes, it is. However, the school nurse rarely “sends” a student home ill. The nurse will always notify a parent in the event a student becomes sick at school. And, if the nurse determines the student to be running a fever or has become contagious, she will request to have the student picked up.  But, whether the nurse sends your student home or you simply decide it's in the best interest of your child, you are still required to sign your student out and provide a written excuse for the absence.

How can my child use one of their college visit days?
Juniors and seniors are allowed up to 2 college visit days (including travel) per school year.  Unused days do not roll over from junior to senior year.  Students must complete and submit the College Visit Form available in the attendance office or electronically here at least two days prior to leaving for their visit.  Only students who submit this form and bring back an official document confirming their visit will receive an excused absence that does not count against exam exemptions.  Students who fail to follow the documented procedure will accrue an absence that will count against exemptions.

What if my student is out for an extended illness or extenuating circumstances?
You may “Appeal” the absences for medical reasons or certain extenuating circumstances. You will need original medical notes for back-up. The Appeals Process is explained in the LCISD Secondary Student Handbook; and, the form to complete is located in our Attendance Office.

Can I send in someone other than myself to pick up my student?
We will not release students to anyone other than those listed on the Emergency Contact card. We do not accept phone calls requesting us to do so.  If you are unsure who is on your list, please feel free to call us. If you want to update the list, you may do so by logging into your Parent Portal in Skyward.  Any special situations need to be arranged in advance through your student's Assistant Principal.

How late can I pick up my student?
We will only call students out of class before 3:25 pm. The afternoons get very busy, and many times your students are outside or in other areas where they are not easily notified. 

*We WILL NOT allow a student to be signed out after 3:25 pm.

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