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CCMR Center

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College and Career Facilitator:

Ms. Mary Saville
[email protected] 

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CEEB Code (for test registration and college applications):  440009


Student Brag Sheet 
- Completed copy when asking for letter of recommendation
Parent Brag Sheet (optional)
- Additional information to distribute when asking for letter of recommendation
College Visit Request Form
- Must be completed prior to visit.

College Visits

College LCISD District Visit Policies:

The District shall excuse a student for up to two college visits during the student's junior year and senior year to visit an accredited institution of higher education provided the student receives approval from the campus principal, returns with a document certifying that the absence was to visit an accredited institution of higher education, and makes up any work missed.

Students MUST be passing all classes in order to use a College Visit Day.

Unused days do NOT roll over from Junior to Senior year.

College and Career Valuable Resources

Navigate to this page to find several district college and career resources: