We firmly believe that involvement in extracurricular activities is crucial for student success.  Participation not only helps build a resume for college/scholarships later on; it also helps build crucial character traits that are essential for success in and outside of the classroom.  

Fulshear High School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including clubs/organizations and athletics programs.  Please refer to the menu on the left to see more detailed contact information for our current offerings.  Don't see anything that interests you on our clubs or athletic pages?  Start your own club!  Find a group of students with a similar interest and a teacher to sponsor you and you can lead the way to founding a new club for Fulshear.

UIL Course Exemption Requests

Lamar CISD values academic rigor and relevance in student course work and upholds higher standards than the UIL in regard to grade exemptions in honors and advanced level course work.  

Students may be granted one waiver per honors/advanced course per academic year.  The waiver is only for students who receive a grade of 60-69 in the honors/advanced course for the six weeks grading period.  

 Courses that are eligible for the grade exemption waiver include:

English 1 PreAP
English 2 PreAP
English 3 AP
English 4 AP

Algebra 1 PreAP
Geometry PreAP
Algebra 2 PreAP
PreCalculus PreAP
Calculus AB AP
Calculus BC AP
Statistics AP
Computer Science 1 AP
Computer Science Principles AP
Computer Science A AP

Art 4 Drawing AP
History of Art AP
Music Theory AP
Seminar AP
Research AP

World Geography PreAP
Human Geography AP
World History PreAP
World History AP
US History AP
US Government AP
Economics AP
Soc. Studies Research Method PreAP
Psychology AP
European History AP

Biology PreAP
Chemistry PreAP
Physics PreAP
Biology 2 AP
Chemistry 2 AP
Environmental Science AP
Physics C AP

Chinese 3 PreAP
Chinese 4 AP
Spanish for Native Speakers 3 PreAP
Spanish 3 PreAP
Spanish 4 AP
Spanish 5 AP
French 3 PreAP
French 4 AP

English 4 Dual
PreCalculus Dual
Independent Study (Calculus) Dual
US History Dual
Physics 2 Dual
ONRAMPS Statistics Dual
ONRAMPS PreCalculus Dual

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Benefits of Extracurricular Participation

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