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Campus Phone: (832)223-5000

Counseling Office Information

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Mrs. Kacy Warren
Counselor, Last Names A-K

Wendy Howe
Counselor, Last Names L-Z

Mrs. April Johnson
Administrative Assistant

Course Selection Information

All course selection information for Fulshear students can be found here.

College Credit Options in High School

Dual Credit Enrollment Process

Dual Credit Counselor:
Mrs. Kacy Warren

CFHS Dual Credit Packet for Fall 2018
Dual Credit Presentation for Fall 2018

Highlights from the LCISD Secondary Course Catalog

Schedule Changes

Schedule change requests will be considered during the first 4 days of the school year for the following reasons:
* Student is a senior not scheduled in a course needed for graduation
* Student has already earned credit for a course in which he/she is currently scheduled
* Student does not have prerequisite(s) for a class on his/her schedule
* Student has previously failed a course with the same teacher
* Student has been dismissed from a program where approval must be granted for placement
* Data error (no lunch, class listed twice, free period, etc.)

Course Level Changes

To be considered for a level change from an Academic, PreAP, or AP course, the student must have made a sincere effort to succeed by attending tutorials, completing his/her work and conferencing with his/her teacher.  A parent conference with the teacher is recommended before a level change request is made.  Course level changes will be considered through the first grading (six weeks) period plus one week for each course that offers a different level of the same course.

The grade a student has in a PreAP/AP course will follow them to the Academic level course as is, no grade weighting applied.  

If a student participates in a UIL activity, please weigh this decision carefully as the grades transferred from a dropped class can impact their eligibility if made after the end of the first four school weeks.

Grade Classification

Freshman:  0-5.0 credits
Sophomore:  5.5-11.5 credits
Junior:  12.0-18.5 credits
Senior:  19+ credits

Grading System

Three 6 week grades average together for 80% of the semester grade and the semester exam counts as 20% of the semester grade.

A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
F = 69 and below
I = Incomplete
# = No credit due to excessive absences

Grade Point Average

Weighted Numerical Grade Point Average (will not appear on transcript, only for rank)
For purposes of CLASS RANK, a numerical multiplier will be given as follows to calculate a student's GPA:

AP Courses = 1.3
Dual/PreAP = 1.2
Academic = 1.1
Leveled Academic = 1.0

To calculate GPA for class rank, multiple each semester grade by the relevant multiplier above.  Divide the total points earned by the total number of semesters for the Numerical GPA.

5.0 Scale Grade Point Average (this one will appear on the transcript)
Calculation of students' official class rank is governed by Policy EIC (Local).  For the purposes of COLLEGE AND SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS, high schools will calculate GPA using the below 4.0 weighted scale:

  100-90  89-80  79-70 
AP Courses 
Dual/Select Articulated  4.75  3.75  2.75 
PreAP 4.50  3.50  2.50 
Academic 4.25  3.25  2.25 
Leveled Academic


STAAR EOC Exams Required for Graduation

Students must take and pass the following exams to graduate.  Some exceptions apply (ex. students coming from out of state/country).  Please see your counselors with questions

Algebra 1
English 1
English 2
US History

Helpful Links


Testing Information - Here you will find information on the STAAR End of Course graduation exams, PSAT, ACT, SAT and AP testing offered in high school.

Graduation/Course Information - This link will take you to the district information regarding graduation requirements, along with course and endorsement options offered in LCISD.

Free/Reduced Lunch Application - Beginning the second week in August, parents are encouraged to completed the free/reduced lunch application to determine their eligibility for the 2016-2017 school year.  Questions regarding this process should be directed to the Food Service Department at (832) 223-0184.   Please keep in mind that there are additional benefits that come with qualifying including free SAT/ACT exams and college application fee waivers.

Family Access - This program gives parents and students the ability to track grades and attendance from your own computer/phone.  We recommend students log in to this system AT LEAST once a week to make sure they stay on top of all work in their classes.

www.khanacademy.org - Khan Academy offers FREE tutoring for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies courses.  They also provide free test prep for the SAT test (which should be taken by everyone in the spring of their junior year).

www.actstudent.org - Register for the ACT test here (spring of junior year)

www.collegeboard.org - Register for the SAT test, check PSAT/AP/SAT results, conduct college/scholarship searches....the list goes on and on!  Save your log-in information because you will need it all throughout high school.  If you have not yet created an account, now is the time to do so!

Mental Health Support

Katy Area Provider List of Therapists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists - Because we are a bit removed from the rest of Fort Bend, here is a list of resources up in our area for our students to use for mental health services as well.

Fort Bend Mental Health Directory - a list of available mental health resources in Fort Bend County put together by Mental Health America of Fort Bend County (MHAFBC).  More information and resources can be found on their website at www.mhafbc.org.  An additional resource through Access Health is available to address mental health concerns as well (English flyer here, Spanish flyer here).

Bullying and Child Safety - LCISD information on what constitutes bullying and how to report this to school personnel.