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Campus Phone: (832)223-5000

Service Cord Information

Service Cord Committee Chair

Heather Squires

Testing Coordinator/Service Cord Coordinator


Volunteer Opportunities

For an updated list of local volunteer opportunities, please look on the Service Cord bulletin board in the main hallway.  

Service cord hour totals will also be posted on the bulletin board as well.


Ongoing - Reining Strength Therapeutic Horsemanship

8811 FM 359 in Richmond
Website:  http://www.reiningstrength.org/get_involved

Reining Strength provides equine-assisted activities and therapies to children and adults with special needs.  Volunteers must be age 15 and no experience is required.  They hold volunteer orientations that all volunteers must attend before starting with them so check the website for the next opportunity!  The volunteer application can also be found online.

Questions can be directed to volunteer@reiningstrength.org or 832-451-6874.

Ongoing - Texana Center

https://www.texanacenter.com/volunteer/ - volunteer application found here

There are many different roles and capacities in which you can choose to volunteer for throughout Texana Center. You may wish to volunteer with our adult clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities or with our children in our autism programs. You may even wish to volunteer in an administrative capacity. Whatever time you are willing to give, whether it’s once a week or once a month, we will try our best to find you an opportunity. Our clients of all ages are such a joy to be around that you might find yourself wanting to spend more time with us!

Examples of Volunteer Opportunities are reading to the children in the autism programs, arts & crafts, woodworking with Texana Décor & More, gardening, cooking club, and fitness activities

Children ages 14 and older are welcome to volunteer independently and children younger than 14 with a group, such as scouts, are welcomed too.

For questions about volunteer opportunities, contact:
Andi Wallis
Community Relations Manager
Direct 281-239-1427

Please note that our offices and client programs operate Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. We occasionally have volunteer opportunities on the weekend.

Ongoing - Friends of North Rosenberg

Follow them on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-North-Rosenberg-1444144769156884/

Friends of North Rosenberg provides many different volunteer opportunities throughout the year to give back to the area.  For questions or to express an interest in volunteer with the organization, contact:

Mr. Barry Henry
Director, Friends of North Rosenberg
(713) 632-4626

Ongoing - Common Threads


Common Threads provides LCISD families in need with clothing and other necessities throughout the year.  Every Wednesday, students are encouraged to volunteer their time from 4-6pm to assist in sorting/organizing donation items.  For more information, contact:

Jill Duban

Elsa Gonzales

Ongoing - Rosenberg Railroad Museum

Rosenberg Railroad Museum always has lots of opportunities for volunteers to participate in!  For more information, check their website: http://www.rosenbergrrmuseum.org/volunteer/

Contact Lisa Rickert via email at lisa.rickert@rosenbergrrmuseum.org or call her at 281-633-2846 to sign up to be a volunteer.

 HUGE list of over 100 non-profits from around the Houston Area found here...take your pick!!

Program Guidelines

The purpose is to recognize students who engage in a high level (qualitatively and quantitatively) of service to the community by earning the opportunity to wear a service cord during senior graduation. Seniors completing the program will receive their service cord while being honored at the Awards Ceremony in May, and be recognized in the graduation program. In addition, at the Awards Ceremony in May, the student in each grade level completing the most hours during the previous 12 months is also recognized.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 160 hours over the course of their 4 year enrollment at Fulshear High School in order to earn a Service Cord. For example, if a student earns 30 hours one year, 50 the next, 35 the next, and 45 the final year, the total is still 160, and the student will meet the minimum requirement of the Service Cord Program. Students enrolled at FHS for less than 4 years will be required to earn 40 hours for each year they are enrolled.

Students are responsible for declaring their intent to participate in the program. Service hours from the summer are allowed if the Intent to Serve form is signed and returned to the Service Cord box located in the library or already on file. All forms are available in the Fulshear High School library and on the Fulshear High School website.

Students are responsible for submitting all completed Service Hour Record forms directly to the Service Cord box located in the library in a timely manner according to the schedule given in the deadline section found below as well as on the website. Under no circumstances are forms to be faxed, emailed, sent through inner office mail, or put in the mailbox of any Service Cord Committee member. It is not the Committee member’s responsibility to submit hours, it is exclusively the responsibility of the student.

Student hours will be recorded and updates will be posted in the library periodically throughout the year. In the case of misplaced information, the student is solely responsible for making & keeping personal copies of all forms for verification purposes prior to turning them in & checking the bulletin board for mistakes (hours granted, name, graduation year, etc.). If mistakes are found, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Service Cord Committee Chair as soon as possible. A committee member will be available in the library once a month for students to view their files; otherwise files are completely off limits to students. A list of those dates & times can be found posted on the Service Cord website.

The organization for which the student performs service must be non-profit; therefore, students may not receive payment or compensation in any form for service performed. Hours performed for any group or organization, which in turn profits financially from the service will not count. Students who perform services which are not within the guidelines are exclusively liable for their mistakes.

The following may NOT count toward service hours:
School activities for organizations of which you are a member with responsibilities for that     organization, receive a benefit or a grade
Service hours completed during school hours on a school day regardless of the organization involved
hours for rehearsals, practices or trainings completed for future non-profit performances
Family obligations (example—baby sitting or caring for other family members)
Duties performed in association with student’s employment
Assisting a paid employee (including teachers) in completing any duties that are part of their contract(grading papers, decorating a room, carrying supplies, filing, organizing, copying, computer work, etc.)
Work completed for political parties, issues or campaigns
Tutoring a friend (example—study groups, proofreading a friend’s paper, studying for an exam).
Travel time to and from competitions, mission trips and work camps (The general rule on mission trips will be 1 day is 8 hours and one week is 40 hours.)

The overriding issue should be that the community service is done primarily to benefit others in the community at large with no financial gain to a group or individual, and should be something out of the student’s normal course of action.

The following MAY count toward service hours (this list is not comprehensive):
Volunteer duties associated with a church or other community oriented non-profit organization
Boy Scout/Girl Scout service hours
Fulshear/Richmond/etc. revitalization
Highway clean up
Blood drives outside of school hours (giving blood = 1 hour of service inside/outside of school hours) (*No hours will be awarded for assisting blood drives during school hours)
Pre-approved structured tutoring (such as adult education, literacy programs, and citizenship programs)
All community service hours honored by PAL’s, NHS, Interact, JROTC and Student Council may also be submitted for consideration for Service Cord Awards Hours. Recognized campus organizations which involve multiple participants may attach a summary letter that includes the hours volunteered, a description of the service and be signed by the organization’s faculty advisor to their properly filled out Service Cord form without having to get a signature directly on the Service Cord form.

No more than 10% of the required hours may be from court-ordered community service activities
(example: a maximum of only 16 hours of 160 may be court-ordered).
Hours are to be earned in half hour increments only. All times will be rounded down to the nearest half hour.
Students are responsible for completing the Service Hours Record form neatly and completely. Forms that are not legible will NOT be considered for awarding service hours. Files will be maintained by the committee in the library, but participants are responsible for maintaining personal copies of all forms prior to submitting them.

If a student would to like to appeal hours that have been denied, the student needs to notify the Service Cord Committee Chair of this decision as soon as possible. All appeals will be heard from the student only at the next Service Cord Committee update meeting. Appeals made by parents or guardians will not be heard by the committee. These meetings are held on Mondays according to the posted schedule at 4 p.m. so arrangements must be made by the student prior to this date to ensure attendance. The student will be informed of the committee’s decision within 3 days of the appeals date.


Summer hours may count if the student’s Intent to Serve form is on file or turned in along with all Service Hour Records for summer hours to the Service Cord box located in the library by the deadline listed below. Any student who forgoes completing the Intent to Serve until a later date must complete all hours for the number of years he/she attended Fulshear, and only service hours obtained from that day forward may be counted. Students are responsible for submitting their completed service hour forms in a timely manner according to the scheduled deadlines posted below as well as on the bulletin board, Service Cord website & Service Hours Record Form. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made if a student misses these clearly posted deadlines.

All hours completed between May 2nd and the first day of school must be submitted no later than 4 pm. September 28th.
All hours completed between the first day of school and the start of Thanksgiving Break must be submitted no later than 4 pm December 1st.
All hours completed during the Thanksgiving break through April 30th must be submitted no later than 4 pm May 1st.

*** If any of these deadlines fall on a Saturday or Sunday, then the deadline will be extended to the following Monday.

Activities in which the student is unsure may be cleared through the Service Cord Awards Committee Chair.