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Service Cord Awards Program

Service Cord Committee
Jennifer Nowak
Office: 832-223-3991

Spring Service Cord Deadline

Service Cord Information

All service cord hours must be entered into SchooLinks and verified by a supervisor from the organization with which you volunteered. 

Please make sure that your service hours are entered into SchooLinks by the following dates:


September 15

Hours served after May 1st are considered "summer hours" and will not be approved until September 15 (November 15th for the 2020 school year) of the following school year.

December 1

All hours completed between the first day of school and start of Thanksgiving Break must be submitted no later than December 1st.

April 15-Seniors Only

Senior year service hours completed during Thanksgiving breakthroughApril 15th must be submitted by April 15th. All service hours must be verified no later than April 15th. Any hours submitted or verified after April 15thwill notbe considered.

May 1

All hours completed during the Thanksgiving break through April 30th must be submitted no later than May 1st.



Hours should not be retroactively entered (e.g., seniors entering hours from freshman year—this is due to the bookkeeping and verification requirements of the supervisor or supervising agency).