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Gifted & Talented

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Mission Statement

To provide advanced learners with the appropriate classroom instruction and services to fulfill their highest potential.

Nomination and Testing for LCISD's gifted and talented program:

Students do not need to be re-tested for the High School Gifted program.

The Program

All students identified and placed in the LCISD Gifted and Talented Program will be:

  • Provided differentiated instruction in the foundation curricular areas by trained G/T teachers,
  • Served in the Pre-AP, AP and Dual Credit classrooms through modifications by adding depth and complexity to the state/district curriculum,
  • Encouraged to exercise creativity and higher level thinking,
  • Served at the secondary level through Pre-AP, AP and Dual Credit classes.

Lamar Consolidated ISD
AP Coordinator
GT Facilitator

Andrea Fullick