Campus Phone: 832-223-1000

Welcome to Austin Elementary School!

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

To register, please call 832-223-1000 to make an appointment.


Registering your future Astronaut is as simple as 1-2-3-4!
1. Visit > Students and Parents > Registration and scroll down to Students New to LCISD
2. Follow directions to locate your campus and complete the New Student Online Enrollment Application
3. Gather the required documents: Proof of Residency (closing documents, leasing agreement, fixed utility bill - electric, gas, water), copy of parent/guardian driver's license, student birth certificate, student immunization records
4.Call 832-223-1000 or email to make an appointment to drop off documents


Attendance notes may be sent by email but must come from a parent's verified email account. The email must be sent to the campus attendance clerk when your student returns to school. Please include your student's first name, last name, teacher name, grade and the date(s) which your student was absent. Please send your email to:

Parent Information

STEM Night Flyer

School Hours

Breakfast 6:45 a.m. - 7:15 a.m.
1st Bell 7:05 a.m.
Tardy Bell 7:15 a.m.
Dismissal Bell 2:40 p.m.


Upcoming Events at Austin

Sept. 22: Austin PTO Family Movie Night
Sept. 26: STEM Night Hosted by the Children's Museum Houston
Sept. 29: Student Holiday (Fort Bend County Fair Day)
Oct. 6 - 9: Student Holiday (Fall Break)
Oct. 28: Austin PTO Fall Ball

Austin PTO

To learn more about the Austin PTO, please visit their website and Facebook page:
Austin PTO Website
Austin PTO Facebook Page

Follow Austin Elementary

Please join us on Facebook to see pictures of school events and activities! 


Lunch Times

Kinder - Lemos, Sorbel: 11:50 a.m.
Kinder - Silva, Countryman, Fletcher: 12 p.m.
1st - Murphy, Harris: 11:30 a.m.
1st - Stockslager, Therrian, Young: 11:35 a.m.
2nd - Lohn, Stone: 12:20 p.m.
2nd - Ferguson, Tom, Venegas: 12:25 p.m.
3rd - Almendarez, Fetterman, Grimes: 11:10 a.m.
3rd - Broxson, Van Maanen: 11:15 a.m.
4th - Bullard, Allen: 10:30 a.m.
4th - Cruickshank, Faith, Burke: 10:35 a.m.
5th - Krenek, Covington: 10:50 a.m.
5th - Frewin, Lepler: 10:55 a.m.


school cafe

Breakfast and lunch are FREE to all students at Austin, but students may purchase a la carte items. Your child's student ID number will also be their lunch number. You can also use this number to add money to their account online. Students will use their SMART Tag in the lunch line.

To make a payment on your child's account, please login to 

For parent online help, please call 855-729-2328 or email

To put restrictions on your child's account, please call 832-223-0180 or through your student's account on


Lamar CISD implemented the SMART Tag system, which is designed to improve the safety and security of students who utilize school bus transportation. For more information, please click here.

If your student lost or breaks their SMART Tag, parents will need to purchase a new SMART Tag for $5.00.  Click here to purchase a new SMART Tag.

Please do not bend or punch a hole into the SMART Tag. 


Transportation Changes

Transportation changes must be submitted to the front office before 2:10 p.m. Transportation changes must be submitted by phone call or by a written note. 

On early release days, transportation changes must be submitted to the front office before 11 a.m. 

Permanent transportation changes must be made in writing.


Campus Forms & Documents   

After School Care   

For on-site after school care, please call the YMCA at 281-341-0791. Their program is for students K-5 and offered Monday - Friday (on regular school days) until 6:30 p.m. 

Below are the after school care facilities that provide transportation to and from Austin. 
Funshine Academy - 281-342-9624
Kids R Kids - 832-451-1111
Tree House Academy - 832-595-8500

Car Riders   

Please get a White Austin Visor Tag from your student's teacher. 

Place the White Austin Visor Tag in your front window.

If someone else picks up your child, please make sure they have the White Austin Visor Tag.

Please follow the car rider line route on the side of the building. 

All car riders must be picked up in the car ride line. 


Please meet your student(s) at the flag pole in the front of the bike rack.

Walker/Bikers will be released first. Please be at the flag pole at 2:40 p.m.

Kinder and 1st grade students must have an adult or older sibling present to receive their child. Individuals receiving Kinder or 1st grade students at the flag pole will need to be in possession of a picture ID, so the staff member can verify release authorization on the first day of school. We will then give a White Austin Walker/Biker Tag to use the following days. You could also get a White Austin Walker/Biker Tag from your child's teacher.

For Kinder and 1st grade, please email your child's teacher if you give permission for your child to be released by an older sibling. We must have this parent permission documentation on file. 

We will not release students to parents parked in the parking lot. You must meet your child at the flag pole. 


Lamar CISD Employee Recognition: 5 Years of Service

May 04, 2021 | Community Relations

Each year, Lamar CISD honors employees for their service to the students of Lamar CISD. We’re grateful for the individuals below and thank them for their five years of service to our District. 

Do you remember what was going on in the world in 2016? Five years ago, Spotlight was selected as “Best Picture” at the Oscars and the average price of gas was $2.31. Back in 2016, the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union in what became known as “Brexit,” Rio de Janeiro was the first South American city to host the Summer Olympics and Taylor Swift’s album 1989 won Album of the Year at The Grammy’s.

These employees also joined Lamar CISD: Juliana Acosta, Ashley Adams, Jacqueline Adams, Yoldanda Adli, Beatriz Adorno, Jennifer Agee-Aldridge, Nancy Aguilar, Sumera Akram, Leticia Alanis Jasso, Rebekah Alderfer, Evelyn Aleman, Shirley Allen, Curiea Allen, Channon Almendarez, Diane Alvarado, Marianela Alvarado, Julian Angeles, Marie Annexy, Gary Ansley, Mirelys Arci Bencomo, Francheska Arias, Claudia Armendariz, Emma Armstrong, Crystal Arriaga, Deena Ayyash, Sana Baig, Jeanette Baines, Martha Barosh, Claudia Barrell, Ryan Baudoin, Angela Baumgardner, Martin Bazaldua Olvera, Lorena Benitez, Leslie Bennett, Ann Billings, Sylvester Blackmon, Serena Bostic, Lisa Bowman, Rebecca Brandshaw, Carlas Brandiburg, Christie Burch, Jacqueline Burditt, Brie Burgess, Catherine Burnley, Phillip Butler, Erica Camarillo, Jesus Cantu, Stephanie Carr, Yvonne Carrasco, Elizabeth Carrillo, Dustin Castaneda, Celeste Castellanos, Enedelia Castillo-Lopez, Nicholas Castro, Kristen Cavallo, Marcia Cavazos, Alvin Chancoco, Kripa Chandrakantan, Andrea Chatam, Rebecca Chmelik, Yung Hee Choi, Jacy Claybaker, Amy Cloud, Alice Coleman, Kathryn Coll, Courtney Cook, Margaret Coomes, Marylin Cooper, Enedelia Cordova, Heather Cornejo, Rebecca Cox, Craig Crawford, Kathleen Creedon, Cynthia Cronin, Annette Cruz, Adrianna Curtis, Ronesha Dabbs, Amanda Dankins, Charlisa Darthard, Jasmine Dayton, Jessica De La Rosa, Eva Deal, Christina Delaney, Stephanie Deleon, Gloria Deleon, Hector Delgado Polanco, Erica Devantier, Taylor Diamond, Stephanie Dittfurth, Paul Donelson, Virginia Donohoe, Beth Duhon, Marc Duncan, Cynthia Dunn, Stevi Emler, Eugene Engelhardt, Adrian Escobar, Jacqueline Eshbaugh, Laquiesha Estimbo, Kelli Evatt, Wendy Everett, Rhonda Falkquay, Nicholas Farco, Taylor Farmilette, Rodnisha Fields, Anthony Firasek, Carolyn Flemming, Jennifer Flores, Ryann Fonseca, Mary Foston, Jose Franco, Kyle Fraser, Brooke Frazier, Olinda Funes, Stephanie Gaddy, Gerald Garcia, Olga Garcia, Sonia Garcia, John Garrou, Micaela Garza, April Garza, Ashley George, Ryan Gholson, Crucita Gomez, Lilian Gomez, Rebecca Gonzales, Jonathan Gonzalez, Sydney Gotcher, Araceli Guel, Dianna Guerrero, Thereasa Gwinn, Brooke Hall, Kimberly Handstad, Kelly Hardin, Melissa Hargrave, Emily Harper, Unaza Hassan, Bruce Hastie, Suha Hatamleh, Ronald Hawkins, Kimberly Hearn, Kimberly Helms, Sandy Hernandez, Juan Hernandez, Maria Hernandez, Felipe Hernandez, Malissa Hernandez, Brittney Hill, Idalia Hinojosa Lozano, Kimberly Hinze, Michael Hlinak, Donna Hoffman, Heather Hogan-Stubbs, Leah Hollek, Shannon Holman, Elisabeth Howell, Lisa Humphrey, Jennifer Inabnit-Serna, Kelly Isbell, Shaharima Islam, Adrian Jackson Matias, Shelby Jacobs, Kristen Jaquez, Ariel Jenkins, Tracey Jensen, Robb Jensen, Derek Johnk, Kevin Johnson, Desmond Johnson, Zella Johnson, Laura Johnston, Alisha Jones, Kristen Jones, Jonte Jones, Roderick Jones, Jennifer Jones, Alyssa Jucker, Donna Karastamatis, Mary Kavanaugh, Kevin Kean, Ashley Kenney, Letrnia Ketchum, Sharyn Kitto, Mark Kluppel, Maria Kocian, Micah Kowalski, Amanda Krysinski, Tracy Kubeczka, Kathryn Kulka, Megan Lawley, Andrew Lee, Beth Lee, Chambra Lewis, Matthew Lewis, Paula Lindemann, Shelby Lipasek, Ylana Llacar, Efrain Lopez, Stephanie Lopez, Stephanie Lopez, Yvonne Lopez, Mary Kathleen Lord, Sharon Lovelady, Arsinoe Luckert, Amber Maldonado, Bibiana Martinez, Vicki Martinez, Monica Martinez, Vicki Martinez, Monica Martinez, Alicia Martinez, Melanie Mays, Truong-An McComb, Franciska McCullough, Tanya McDonald, Dawnette McGowen, Patricia McGrath, Frances McGraw, Marreece McKinney, Tabitha Medina, Marisa Menjivar, Margot Merek, Virginia Meza De Velazquez, Samira Michel, Stephanie Mickey, Michael Miller, Brittney Moats, Jeffrey Moffet, Judith Momanyl, Gina Monteleone, Patricia Montgomery, Stephanie Moore, Erman Moore, Danielle Moore, Jeanette Mora, Clarivel Morales, Danielle Moreno, Sophie Morris, Lisa Mouton, Julie Mullennix, Sarah Myers, Natalie Nanez, Michelle Narvaez, Rosabel Navarro, Ivy Nguyen, Jennifer Nguyen, Tuyettrinh Nguyen, Alyssa Noonan, Zachary Nowak, Nicole Olivarez, Ana Orocio Luna, David Orosz, Silvia Ortega, Andree Osagie, Martha Otto, Edith Oyakhire, Tracy Palacios, Scott Pankey, Brenda Parks, Nicola Parrish, Jose Paz, Michelle Pazar, Jo Anne Peltier-Bromonsky, Heidi Penate Tovar, Flor Perez Barrera, Maria Pineda Landaverde, Jodi Pingelton, Maria Pinilla, Helen Pittard, Gina Porciello, Janine Presto, Jordan Qualls, Gracielita Quintana, Amber Raabe, Amy Raley, Lauren Ramirez, Elaine Ramirez, Emily Ramon, Anna Ramos, Phillip Reed, Stacey Richards, Natasha Richardson, Tiffany Ricketts-Sadrzadeh, Hillary Rigsby, Russell Roark, Marva Robertson-Eggins, Jamaal Robinson, Tymagic Robinson, Maria Rodriguez, Ernest Rodriguez, Terri Rodriguez, Mary Rodriguez, Ruben Rodriguez Silva, Christina Roehling, Vincent Rogers, Diana Roose, Javier Ruiz, Rebecca Russo, Eric Ryburn, Sandra Saldana, Ma Saldana, Lucia Saldana Duran, Vanesa Sanchez, Kristen Sanchez, Santos Sanchez Campos, Jose Sanchez-Garcia, Mitali Sanghvi, Rosario Santoyo, Donna Savage, Matthew Savage, Johnna Sayre, Carol Schwartz, Rachel Scott, Megan Scudder, Darlene Seeling, Natalie Shelton, Tierra Shirley, Leah Shoemaker, Stephanie Siebels, Cynthia Simien, La-Trishkia Simpson, Stephen Sluder, Shawn Smith, Elvia Solares, Maria Soldevilla, Veronica Soto, Nakia Southall, Amber Staley, Jasmine Stephan, Marilyn Stephens, Megan Stevenson, Sarah Stockslager, Rachel Strange, Meredith Struble, Brittany Suey, Nicole Swiney, Blanca Tamez, Aimee Tat, Katharine Taylor, Chandra Teague, Ada Tejada-Guardado, Dana Thacker, Chelsea Thompson, Melyssa Thompson, Roberta Toman, Matthew Tomas, Leopoldo Torres, Sharon Trevino, Rena Um, Sheeba Usmani, Laurie Usry, Tabitha Vasquez, Elisabeth Vasquez-Hernandez, Theresa Velasquez, Latonya Venters, Marta Villalonga Leal, Luis Villarreal, Courtney Walker, Kacy Warren, Lindsay Welch, Nikolle White, Frank White, Stephanie Whitfield, Misty Wiegand, Charles Williams, Christal Williams, Rhonda Williams McLean, Ana Williamson, Courtney Wilson, Nicole Wilson, Wesley Wright and Lisa Wyke.


Campus Overview

Principal: Janice Harvey
Current Enrollment: 569

1630 Pitts Road
Richmond, TX 77406

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Phone: (832)223-1000
Fax: (832)223-1001

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