Campus Phone: 832-223-1000

About Austin Elementary

Stephen F. Austin Elementary is committed to providing stimulating educational opportunities in a nurturing, child-centered environment.

A variety of instructional methods are used to accelerate reading instruction at all grade levels, including Balanced Literacy, the Accelerated Reader Computer Program, whole language, phonics and novel sets. A strong commitment to a manipulative base underlies Austin's developmental mathematics program and is continued at the upper elementary grades with the use of cooperative learning while placing an emphasis on problem-solving strategies. Thematic units are used to establish relevance among the various disciplines of the curriculum.  We emphasize our continuous development of higher order critical thinking skills used in multistep problem solving and our ongoing commitment to mastering grade level basic facts.

Technology is an integral part of the instructional program at Austin. A 24-station networked computer lab, computer-accessible library catalog system, electronic encyclopedia stations, classroom network, and student-conducted daily announcements also enhances student access to technology.

Activities are designed to develop leadership qualities in students of all ages. Programs include peer tutoring, peer mediators, a safety patrol, community service projects, and bridging partnerships. Differences in student interests and abilities are addressed through many all-school activities such as the Science Fair, Young Author's program, Read Across America Day, spelling bees, fourth and fifth grade choirs, the Fine Arts Festival, Field Day and after-school clubs.

Austin enjoys a strong base of parental involvement. An active volunteer program provides a variety of daily services to students and staff. The Austin Parent-Teacher Organization offers manpower and financial support for instructional and co-curricular activities. Parents participate in an advisory capacity through the Site-Base Management Team. Ongoing parent communications are enhanced by weekly classroom newsletters, and Astronotes, Austin's weekly publication.