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Juvenile Detention Center

122 Golfview
Richmond, Texas 77469

Location Map

School Hours
8:00am - 4:00pm

Class Hours
8:00am - 3:00pm

Lamar CISD provides an educational program for those students, ages 10 – 16, who have been detained in the Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention Center. The detention school closely replicates the regular school environment. There are four classrooms with a certified teacher in each classroom offering an individualized, self-paced education for all students by empowering them to maximize their potential  intellectually, socially, emotionally and ethically. While the events and circumstances that precede student enrollment in JDC are sometimes arduous and stressful, the experiences in the program are designed to be beneficial in helping the student.  The goals are to maximize the successful academic potential of the student and help achieve a smooth transition back to the home campus.

Juvenile Detention Center Staff

Ft. Bend Co. Probation Staff

Kyle Dobbs

Administrative Secretary
Kristina Pruitt

Detention Secretary
Briana Meli

LCISD Instructional Staff

Special Sites Administrator
Randy Donnell
(832)223-0953 (Office)
(832)731-9383 (Cell)

Special Sites Assistant Principal
Rebecca Schultz
(832)223-0907 (Office)
(832)490-5787 (Cell)

Jami Richey
(281)633-7382 (Fax)

Academic Counselor
504 Coordinator/Testing Coordinator
Marci Macha
(281)633-7382 (Fax)

Wendy Bradford