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Leaman Junior High offers a full range of athletic programs, including cheer, cross country, football, volleyball, basketball, track, and tennis. The purpose of our extra-curricular sports program is to encourage and foster opportunities for ALL students to actively participate in activities. This develops learning outcomes in skills, emotional patterns, communication, interpersonal group dynamics, teamwork, leadership, and general knowledge. Our athletics programs offer unique experiences that are inherently educational and teach lifelong lessons such as teamwork and self-discipline, while facilitating the physical and emotional development of our student athletes.




All students enrolled in major sports or competing in a UIL Sport MUST have a completed physical on file, including the online portion before a student participates in any try-out, practice, athletic class, open gym, open weight room, athletic competition or travels with a LCISD athletic team for any purpose.

The only required form that cannot be completed electronically is the annual physical and medical history form.  Parents will be able to print a physical and medical history form to take to your physician or school sponsored physical event during the electronic session.

  • The student is required to use the Pre-Participation - Physical Examination Form; NO OTHER Physical Examination Form can be accepted as per the University Interscholastic League.   

  • A new physical exam must be given prior to each school calendar year.   

  • Any physical administered prior to May 1, may not be valid after August 1.

* All 7th and 8th Grade Students interested in being in Athletics must have completed all online Participation Sport Forms (U.I.L.) and have turned in a 2019-20 U.I.L. Sports Physical, a copy of a Birth Certificate and a copy of a Utility Bill by Thursday August 8th. Failure to submit the required forms will result in a student not being able to enroll or participate in Athletics.

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District Championships

2016 - 17  7th, 8th Girls Cross Country
2016 - 17  7th, 8th Girls Tennis
2017 - 18  7th  A  Football
2018 - 19  8th  A  Football