Transcript, VOE, and Other Document Requests


Transcripts, VOEs, and other document requests will be processed once a week during summer. You will get a notification when official transcripts are ready for pick up at GRHS (Monday - Thursday between 8am and 5pm). VOE's are sent back to the email that was entered on the request.


Official Transcripts have the same information as unofficial. Official means they are signed, embossed, and in a sealed envelope or are sent to the School/University/Organization directly from GRHS. If you open a sealed official transcript once picked up from GR, it is no longer official and may not be accepted by the organization. 

2022 thru 2024 Graduates

If you graduated in 2022 or more recently, you will do all transcript request through SchooLinks using the personal email you added during your senior year. To log in as an alumni, click the first button below. You can click on forgot password if you do not remember. If you have trouble logging in, use the SchooLinks Chat box on the login page.
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2013 thru 2021 Graduates

Click the following button to use our online portal to request your transcript. Please allow 24 hours during the school year for processing. During summer hours, transcripts will be processed once a week.

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Picking Up Transcripts
    Picture ID is required to pick up transcripts, and will only be released to the individual.  If you are sending a representative to pick up your transcript, they must have the following:
      1.  Copy of your driver's license or picture ID.
      2.  Written authorization from you to release the transcript to the representative.  
      3.  Representative's driver's license or picture ID.

Please remember that universities and the NCAA Clearinghouse may take a minimum of 10 working days to process transcripts once they have been received.

NCAA Clearinghouse - you must register at the NCAA Eligibility Center before transcripts can be uploaded into the system. These transcripts are requested the same way as any others using the methods above.

VOE & Other Documents

Our office handles any documentation requests needed for the following reasons:  verification of enrollment form for DPS, child support letter, DACA documentation, social security forms, and any other situation that may be requiring a verification of student enrollment.  

Verification of Enrollment (VOE) and Other Document Request

If you are needing to request a verification of enrollment (VOE) to obtain a student permit or license, or another type of letter from the registrar's office, please use the following buttons. There is a 48 hours turn around on any documents requested (except for during the summer, see note at top of page). 

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Social Security Packets

For the social security packet pertaining to advance notice of termination of child benefits, please make sure you fill out the required information on the first two pages of the packet you've received in the mail and drop off the entire packet to the campus for completion.  Please allow 24 hours for processing. You will be contacted when it is available for pick-up.  

Student Information: Current Information Is Vital

The importance of accurate contact information on your child is vital. School official must have accurate information on each student, in case the school needs to contact (via phone, mail, and/or email) the parent and/or guardian. If you move (change address), change your phone number(s), at any time during the school year, please complete and submit a Change of Student Information form and contact the registrar's office immediately.

     1.  Valid Texas Driver's license or State issued ID requires for ALL changes.
     2.  For address changes, a current utility bill is also required.

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