Lamar CISD will be OPEN on Wednesday, June 1, 2016—with the exception of the following schools: Austin Elementary, Frost Elementary and Jackson Elementary. Austin Elementary, Frost Elementary and Jackson Elementary will all be CLOSED on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. If your child does not attend Austin Elementary, Frost Elementary or Jackson Elementary and is displaced due to the recent inclement weather and unable to attend school, please contact your child's campus. Absences will be excused and procedures are in place to ensure your child's successful completion of the spring 2016 semester. Displaced students in need of assistance are encouraged to contact the Red Cross. Simonton/Valley Lodge Red Cross Shelter: Bible Fellowship Baptist Church, 1214 FM 359N, Brookshire, Texas, 281-375-5001 - Richmond/Rosenberg Red Cross Shelter: First Baptist Church Richmond, 502 South Fifth Street, Richmond, Texas, 281-342-8664.


Campus Phone: (832)223-4200

About George Ranch High School

Lamar CISD proudly names the newest high school after a landmark to the pioneer spirit of Texas… The George Ranch.

The Ranch is named in honor of Albert and Mamie George. Both Georges came from pioneer stock. Albert’s grandfather came to Texas in the 1830’s, and Mamie was a descendent of one of Stephen F. Austin’s “Old 300” colonists. She was the fourth generation to own the land Austin originally deeded to Henry and Nancy Jones in 1822 – land that passed from one generation to the next through the women of the family. It was Nancy Jones who planted the oak tree in 1824 that was to serve as a playhouse for future generations, and ultimately become a landmark of the George Ranch.

Mamie, the daughter of Susan and J.H.P. Davis, married Albert George in 1896. Together, they established the George Ranch on land inherited from Mamie’s father and grandmother. The discovery of oil on the Ranch in the 1920’s contributed greatly to the Georges’ wealth. Today, oil and gas royalties and leases provide considerable revenue for The George Foundation, the largest benefactor in Fort Bend County.

The George’s dedication to improving the lives of their neighbors in Fort Bend County will live on through the students and staff at George Ranch High School.

School Facts

George Ranch is a public four-year secondary school that opened in fall 2010. Current enrollment in grades nine through twelve is 1840 students. The Class of 2013 (first graduating class) has 345 students. The faculty is composed of 117 teachers and support staff.

In 2011 with the results of ninth and tenth grade TAKS scores, George Ranch High School was accredited as an Academically Acceptable Campus by the Texas Education Agency. The school is a member of CEEB, NACAC, TACAC and TASSP.

The school day consists of seven class periods and an advisory period which meet five days a week. Each class period is approximately 50 minutes in length. The school year is divided into two semesters with three six week marking periods in each semester.