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Early Pick Up and Transportation Changes

If you take your child out of school before dismissal time, you will need to report to the office to sign him/her out. Your child will stay in the classroom until you arrive. If it necessary for someone other than the parent/guardian pick up your child, that person must be signed, dated note with the child. The person picking up your child must show photo identification to the office staff. Accumulated time of early pick-ups is calculated by minutes in lost instruction time. Request to check out your child must be done prior to 2:00 pm.

Any changes in the normal transportation of your child must be stated in writing with a parent/guardian signature. We ask for everyone's help in not making changes frequently. However, we understand that in rare cases, unexpected changes will need to happen. These can be called in to the front office by 2:00 pm. We are not able to process changes after 2:00 pm. This includes parents that come to the campus without prior notice to pick up their child. Any change in transportation arrangements for any student requires a note to the teacher. Make sure you write your child's first and last name, teacher's name and indicate the date(s) for the change and how the child is going to go home. We ask that the parents not email the change since there maybe times that a teacher is not in attendance or does not have a chance to read their email.


Arrival and Dismissal

Ensuring the safety and security of the students riding on buses is our highest priority. To facilitate and support this safety initiative the District has implemented the Smart Tag system to promote and ensure a positive school bus riding experience for all Lamar CISD students. Students are issued Smart Tag ID cards with an electronic chip Smart sensor (please do not modify the ID cards, or place holes in the card). The student’s name is printed on the front of the card, and there is no student information stored on the card.

Students must have one or more Transportation Release Guardians listed within the students Smart Tag Parent Portal.

To ensure the safety of the children, parents/guardians or an authorized person is encouraged to be at the bus stop each day when their child is picked up and dropped off.

  • Drivers will only release a student to approved guardians at the stop and must be in possession of a picture ID so the driver can verify release authorization via the Smart Tag system. If a driver is unable to verify release authorization the student will be returned to campus.
  • Parents must register this information within their students Smart Tag profile via the Smart Tag Parent Portal.
  • Parents are also responsible for keeping the information current.
  • Parents/guardians and children should know their route number, school name, and stop location.
  • Children in grades Pre-K/KG (i.e., Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten) MUST be received by an adult, parent, or authorized receiver at the designated bus stop and designated time. This could be an older sibling.
    • Parents should be at the stop ten (10) minutes prior to bus arrival.
    • Individuals receiving a Pre-K/KG student from a bus, will need to be in possession of a picture ID so the driver can verify release authorization via the Smart Tag system. If a driver is unable to verify release authorization the student will be returned to campus.
    • Should there be no one at the stop to receive a PK/KG student, the child will be taken back to the school for the parent to pick up.
      • Should this occur more than twice in a semester, the third occurrence may result in the child losing bus riding privileges.

Our goal is to ensure a safe, orderly and efficient car rider pick-up system. Please be patient with staff and each other during the first week of arrival and dismissal.

We appreciate your cooperation!

Morning Drop Off procedures: Drop off your student(s) at the front of the school no earlier than 7:00 a.mPK/Kinder/ECSE/Pegasus/SLC/1st Grade/2nd Grade students may be dropped off at the back of the school from 7:05-7:30.

After-school car pick-up is at the front of the school ONLY. For safety reasons, pull up to the first available airplane. Our goal is to load 9 cars at a time. The airplanes are numbered for organizational purposes only they do not represent grade levels.


To identify your children, place this blue car pick-up sign in your front windshield at all times.

a. Write your student(s) First and Last name and only the grade level of the youngest child. Please print large and clearly in black marker.


Cars should remain in a SINGLE FILE line and refrain from passing another car. Give clearance to the yellow handicap accessible ramp located at the front of the building.

Transportation changes. Please notify the front office staff of any transportation changes as soon as possible with a written, signed, and dated note from home. The school phone line becomes very busy so if you need to make last minute changes plan accordingly. NO transportation changes may be made after 2:00 p.m.


Cars are routed through the side parking lot to relieve traffic on Skinner Lane and on Mason. Day Car vans are routed to the rear of the building to load in front of buses. In support of safety, please adhere to the making a right turn only when leaving Frost.

Car Dismissal