Frost Elementary Uniform Dress Code 

  • Bottoms:

    Khaki, black or navy blue solid slacks, shorts, skirts or jumpers.  Long blue denim jeans, or blue denim shorts, skorts or jumpers.  All bottoms need to be of the appropriate length and fit as directed in the district dress code standards.  Leggings and tights should be red, black, blue, white, or khaki.
  • Tops:

     Red, white, navy blue or light blue collared shirts may be worn.  Frost Elementary spirit shirts, school shirts, turtlenecks or school sweatshirts may also be worn. Solid colored shirts or tops may have small visible logos. Viewable undershirts should be one of the uniform shirt colors.  Plain white T-shirts may also be worn under uniform shirts.
  • Jackets:

      Solid red, navy blue, black, khaki or white jackets may be worn during class time. 
  • Other: 

      No backless shoes, flip flops, crocs, sweatpants, overalls, hats, caps, scarves, skate shoes or rolling backpacks are allowed.