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Learning Tools


MackinVia contains ebooks you can check out to read. Simply login to Classlink and click on MackinVia to access ebooks, databases, and audiobooks. When you want to read a book in Mackinvia, click on the book you want then click checkout. Be sure go back in and click checkin to turn it in right away when you are done, so others can read it also. Don't forget to log your ​minutes into Beanstack!

Storyline Online

Want to listen to an amazing story? Visit StoryLine Online and pick some good books to listen to.

Mystery Doug

Mystery Doug is a list of science lessons that can be done at home are now free during the school closures. No login or sign-in required.

History for Kids

History For Kids
 contains cool games, videos, and information about many different areas of history. 


Starfall is a great website for Pre-K through 2nd grade. It contains educational games, activities, and books. 

fact hound

Fact Hound

FactHound is an innovative new Web portal designed to provide students with the most accurate and current resources available on the Internet. Students can visit and search by book ID number, title, keyword, or ISBN for additional information. FactHound will fetch a list of approved and recommended Web sites matching the search criteria.

Fort Bend County Library

Visit the Fort Bend County Library for resources and to search for books.


Word Central

Word Central

Merriam-Webster's kid-friendly dictionary, thesaurus and rhyming dictionary.