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Online store - Round 2 is now open for P.E. uniforms and spirit items through August 15th. These items will be delivered the first week of school.

Students do not dress-out for P.E. the first week of school.

P.E. Uniforms:

Our logo P.E. shirt is required. Students will dress-out for P.E. every day, so they will need at least one Official P.E. shirt. 

Our P.E. shorts are optional, but suggested. Students may provide their own black shorts, but they must be at least mid-thigh. Running shorts are not allowed.

Students will provide their own athletic/tennis shoes.

Students will be assigned a locker that has a built-in combination lock.

More information coming soon about P.E. as we approach the start of school.


We have a limited number of school supply packs that will be available for sale at our Orientation Event on August 10th. They will be sold for $50, first come, first served.

Click on the document below to see our School Supply List:

Remember that this is suggested list. Teachers may have other items that students need for their specific classroom, but teachers will give students plenty of time to go out and purchase these additional items.

The other thing to keep in mind is that students do not need all of these supplies at one time. They will only need to bring what is needed for the day and keep the rest of the supplies at home until they are needed or need replenished.

Students will also need sturdy backpack. There are no lockers for supplies, so students carry their daily items from room to room in their backpack. So, parents, get in the habit of helping your child go through his/her backpack at the end of each six weeks to purge unneeded items or trash from the backpack.


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Are you new to the area and need to enroll?

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Once you have submitted the online information, the system will give you a list of documents to bring into the school to complete your child's registration.

Enrollment is not complete until those documents are brought into the school.