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Club or Organization Sponsor Date & Time  Room # Email
 Academic Decathlon-ACADEC Lyndsay East Wednesday's 7:45am-8:10am  104 [email protected]
 Adulting 101 Stephanie Siebels
College Room  [email protected]
 Anime Club (Ja[anese Cartoons) Lisa Rose Wednesday's 7:40am 426
 Art Club Joan Batts, Mark Hesterlee & Jo Marsh  Tuesday's 3:45pm  127 or 128   [email protected]
 Black Student Union  Barbara Iwunze  Wednesday 3:45-4:45 R13   [email protected]
 Chess Club Matt Savage  Thursday's 3:35pm  214  [email protected] 
 DECA An Association of Marketing Students Courtney Galyen  Tuesday's 7:40am   431   [email protected]
 DJ Club Catherine Burnley  Tuesday's AM/PM  R15  [email protected] 
 Dungeons and Dragons Club Rudy Garza  Tuesday's 3:30  512   [email protected]
Ecology Club  Jenny Blakeman & Lyndsay East  Wednesday's  112   [email protected]
 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America- FCCLA Melanie Applebaum  1st Monday 3:30  408  [email protected] 
 Fellowship of Christian Athletes  Alicia Cruse  Thursday's 7:35am  LGI  [email protected] 
Future Farmers of America (FFA) Zachary Nowak & Katelynn Boyd  2nd Monday 6:30pm  312  [email protected] 
Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) Jennifer Korczynski & Elsa Gonzales  Wednesday's 7:45  429  [email protected] 
 Law Enforcers (Criminal Justice) Ladonna Beers & Paula Parker  Tuesday 3:30pm 430   [email protected]
Mi Gente  Catherine Burnley & Crystal Hayes  Tuesday's PM  R15  [email protected] 
 National Honor Society Koryn Turner Thursday's 7:30  419  [email protected] 
 No Place for Hate Patty Smith  1st Tuesday 3:35pm     [email protected]
French National Honor Society  Barbara Iwunze    Wednesday's 3:30 428  [email protected] 
 PALS Catherine Burnley   Tuesday's  207  [email protected] 
 Rotary Club Lorraine Fatheree  Wednesday 7:45am  405  [email protected] 
 Skills USA Michael Ramon  3rd Wednesday 7:45  107  [email protected] 
 Spirit Club  Alex Mendoza & Jeannie Miles-Essone  Day Before Game Day 3:30   [email protected] 
 Student Council Ileana Silva  Every Other Tuesday 7:40  418  [email protected] 
Terry Ladies Rock Phyllis Schooler  Tuesday's 3:30    [email protected] 
Terry Lone Ranger Step Team Brandi Turner  Tuesday's & Thursday 3:45-5:00  213  [email protected] 
 Think Outside the Book   Lisa Rose Thursday's Twice 7:40  Library    [email protected]
 UIL Academics Gayle Armendarez   Wednesday 3:45 503   [email protected]
UIL Math  David Dickins  Wednesday 3:35  R8  [email protected] 
 Ukuelele Club Stephen Simons  Thursday's 7:30  514  [email protected]
 Video Game Club Leif Behmer & Stephanie Siebels   Friday's 3:30  411  [email protected]
Youth in Philanthropy    Shanna Wenzel  Additional Info Wenzel    [email protected]