Dress Code

Smith Elementary has a mandatory Dress Code Policy for all attending students.  Each student is expected to demonstrate personal pride and maintain a neat appearance. Our Dress Code consists of the following:

  • Any solid color polo or collared style shirt (short or long sleeved - shirts may not have any visible logo).
  • Black, navy blue, or khaki slacks, skorts, shorts, skirts or jumpers.
  • Solid blue or black denim jeans (leggings, jeggings, sweat pants, gym shorts, ripped jean/pants are not allowed).
  • Only solid color socks and/or tights may be worn with shorts/skirts.
  • Only a solid color long sleeved shirt can be worn under a short sleeved polo.
  • Only Smith Spirit Shirts/Hoodies/Sweatshirts may be worn daily.

school polo

The Uniform policy is strictly enforced.