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Math/Science Facilitator

Hi there!

I am Antonio Marchena. I was born and raised in beautiful Spain, where I got my teaching degree. My first teaching position was in Middle and High school in a small private school on an island in the Mediterranean. In 2007 I was hired to teach in Texas, more specifically in HISD. During Hurricane Ike I found the love of my life, my wife Katie, and the Lone Star State has become my home ever since. I have taught in Elementary, Middle and High School and I am now blessed to be the Math and Science Facilitator at Smith Elementary. I truly believe that learning comes from discovery and wonder, and that all students can learn at high levels if you provide them with a positive and nurturing environment like the one we have here at Smith.

 I am a proud foster dad and I am very happy to call myself a Smith Superstar!

If you need my assistance please feel free to reach me at [email protected].


Antonio Marchena

Antonio Marchena-Roldan
Math/Science Facilitator
[email protected]